Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bomb Blast in Peshawar Targets Athletes

A suicide bomber targeted the Qayum stadium in Peshawar. It is being reported that 3 people have been killed and about a dozen injured; the dead include an athlete and a traffic police constable. Tehreek-e-Taliban Dera Adam Khel has claimed responsibility.

The bombing may not in itself be large enough to generate serious alarm or significant coverage but the target causes me to be severely alarmed.

For the past few days Qayum Stadium had been holding Inter Provincial Games with athletes from across the country participating in various sporting events. A majority of the athletes present at the Games were school and college students. Today was the closing ceremony of the Games and the bombing occurred almost immediately after its conclusion.

This is depraved and sad and terrifying. I don't know what more to say.


adeel said...

there's only one thing to say, they're worse than animals.

zeyd said...

So fucking ridiculous. The locals were enjoying themselves and obviously some fucking psychos think that's not on. The despair, frustration, and anger of the ppl...I can't even express myself.

This gentleman, however, can:

From The News:

“The attack is against Peshawar and its people. Rather it is against the entire Pakhtun community and is aimed at creating hatred against this part of the country in the international community by tarnishing the peaceful image of Peshawar,” Sajjad Ali, a spectator of the games and an eyewitness to the blast, told ‘The News’.

“Can’t you see what purpose did it serve? It has ruined everything. For years, Peshawar did not witness any event where the city could come together and celebrate an occasion. These games were a treat to watch, not only because players from the entire country gave their best but also because thousands thronged the stadium and enjoyed every minute of the three-day event,” Sajjad Ali said.

Mooda said...

I see no reason for not having another division of Pakistan as North and South. Let these Lal MAsjid Lovers and non protesting silent majority to be away from each other. I predict a mass migration to South for families from poor DI Khan and rest of Punjab and NWFP who wants to live in culturally sound and religiously tolerant Sind. I hope that would stop the blockage of water supply to Sind also.....