Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Difference Between Messi And Ronaldo In One Sentence

Do you need to know more?
Messi has claimed that either Xavi or Sergio Kun Aguero should take the award [Ballon D'Or] from the 30-man shortlist, while Ronaldo has plumped for himself as the most deserving nominee.


asfand said...

Here's another difference:

I await your drug-addled analysis of how he didn't spit at the player. Which is bollocks, ofcourse.

R Malik said...

Damn. Maybe he learnt from Rijkaard? Either way, you can take the Argie out of Argentina....

Abdul Abbasi said...

Messi IS the best player in the world, whilst Cristiano Ronaldo claims to be.

Ahsan said...


I don't think Messi was spitting at him, but he was spitting in his general direction. Besides, even if he WAS spitting at him, it was an isolated incident. He's universally regarded as a great teammate and a great guy, and Ronaldo is universally regarded as a giant choot. No rational sane person would disagree with that assessment.

Abdul Abbasi:

I like the way you think, my friend.

asfand said...


There's no doubt C.Ronaldo is a giant choot. I love him, but he is a giant choot.

The point here is that:

1. The infallible, all-round nice guy Messi spat at another player. Stop being blind. Do people spit in the 'general direction' of other people? Bollocks.

It doesn't matter if it was an isolated incident or not, it was a very scummy thing to do. Ronaldo is a choot, undoubtedly, but spitting at someone is beyond 'chootness.' It is reviling. Give me Ronaldo's stroppyness, selfish play and self-flaggelation ANYDAY over a player who resorts to spitting on an opposition player because he's been kicked around a bit.

As for the Messi > Ronaldo debate, i'm going to agree. Messi is wanktastic, and I'd have him in my team over Ronaldo any day of the year (and yes, I've just contradicted myself in a sense).

asfand said...

oh, another thing, though this is a bit ridiculous:

Messi saying he doesn't 'deserve' the Ballon D'Or is not only him being 'nice', it's him being right. He doesn't deserve it. He was injured half the season. Xavi and Kun, unarguably, deserve it more.

Ronaldo, however, aside from a twat in claiming he should be winning it, is also RIGHT about it.

It isn't as if Ronaldo's a special level of arrogant. We're talking about under 30s being paid 6 figures a WEEK!

Anonymous said...

no contest in my opinion... messi is in a class of his own and the best footballer on the planet, ronaldo is good but certainly not the best!