Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Leaders We Deserve?

Two items of interest.

The first comes courtesy of Masood Haider's report on the UN Inter-faith Conference:

Every leader brought his speech with him, but Zardari's text was carried by an officer, who placed it on the dais while the president waited and then he read it. Then Zardari took a chewing gum or cardamom out of his mouth and put it on the dias, while cameras showed the awkward moment around the world.

By now everyone must have heard about the woman who left her eight children at the Edhi Foundation. What you may not know is the unique interpretation given by the Sindh Law Minister Ayaz Soomro:

Describing the incident of handing over eight children to the Edhi Foundation as a ‘conspiracy’ against the elected PPP government, Sindh Law Minister, Ayaz Soomro, said that it was an illegal act and was in violation of the ‘Child Act’.

Soomro said that the government would take action against those responsible.

The Sindh law minister believed that whenever the elected government came into power, vested interests hatched conspiracies to destabilise the system.


AKS said...

The parents are so stupid, they should've an NGO friendly term like Karo Kari and Vani (which are western conspiracies). They'd have definitely gotten Canadian / UK passports that way. Don't you remember Mukhtaran Mai?

By the way, Abdul Sattar Edhi was on TV last night and he was livid, and visibly upset at the comment.

We really are an insensitive country. The number of people who end up agreeing with this crap is staggering.

Sultan A. Khan said...

I think all these parents are cowards, they are running away from their responsibility. They know how to give birth to their children but they doesn't know how to grow up their children.

Edhi Fan said...

Sultan: You could be right. You could also be wrong. We just don't know. The parents are poor. The question is how poor are they. It is difficult for most parents to give up their children. It is also difficult for most parents to be unable to feed and clothe their children. As Pakistanis middle class and higher, we need to attack our own biases against the poor and also address their cultural and social/economic/educational barriers toward improving their lives. They are our people.

Edhi Fan said...

Sultan: Your profile says you are 19 years old. I think you have a lot to learn about the world. Why don't you volunteer in Lyari or another poor Karachi neighbourhood and teach some locals how to read? Instead of despising the poor, give them the skills they need to empower themselves.