Sunday, November 09, 2008


So the PML-Q could be breaking down into two factions. Personally, I have to say I'm quite surprised that questions about the Q League's viability have taken this long.
The party, the sources feared, might further splinter into pro-Chaudhry and anti-Chaudhry factions. “If this happens, it will be in keeping with the Muslim League’s tradition,” one of the observers quipped.

The minute the PPP decided against recruiting them as a coalition ally, this party should have dissolved. I mean, what do they have holding them together? Power (PML-Q from 2002 to 2008)? No. Ethnicity (ANP)? No. Ideology and creed (PPP)? No. Highly efficient organization (MQM)? No. So what gives? Why are they still around? I'm honestly perplexed. Is this just an instance of transaction costs still waiting to be paid? In other words, do we just have to wait?

The only wildcard in this entire calculation is Musharraf. Were he to decide to stage a Juan Peron-like return-after-a-forced-hiatus, all bets are off.


zak said...

yeah someone else asked the same question of me the other day..the fact is the PML-Q members are overwhelmingly pro govt regardless of who is in power. So in the centre they are Pro PPP, in Punjab they are pro PML-N albeit careful at not being too obvious for fear of upsetting the PPP if it takes over. In Balochistan they are in power with the JUI and PPP and NWFP they have split, with some members supporting the ANP-PPP gov.

The only reason why there hasn't been a total collapse is that both the PML-N and PPP don't need them yet, the PML-N is not destabilising the PPP in the centre and vice versa in Punjab. Some of the Q members are stuck because of their pasts they can't go anywhere else as well..people like Leghari and Faisal Saleh Hayat are are some Mush supporters in the senate who know they have zero chance of being re-e;ected again.

Ahsan said...


You said that "The only reason why there hasn't been a total collapse is that both the PML-N and PPP don't need them yet". But isn't their uselessness to the main players a signal that they SHOULD collapse?

na said...


Ideally yes, but this being pakistani politics the answer is no...because they have nothing to gain from splitting they might as well labor along and see what happens. Given an opportunity where they have something to gain they will collapse in no time.

zak said...

ahsan: no think of it like this ..if you were a lota and your whole purpose is political survival with maximum gain in patronage and money. You'd not sell yourself short..especially with the defection clause in place.

Don't forget it took a full year before the PML-Q was carved out of the PML-N it wasn't because the Chaudhrys were loyal to was because they hadn't been given the DAWNs archives and look into the storming of the PML house in 2001.

Ahsan said...

NA and Zak:

Hahaha. I just find the complete lack of respect anyone has for the Q league really funny. It's like their complete lack of fortitude/brains/spirit is simply taken for granted. Not saying I disagree with you, just saying it's funny.