Saturday, December 27, 2008

How to make David Cameron look like a complete idiot

By the BBC.

First, publish this uber macho picture of David Cameron.

Then, publish a caption below the photo, drawing attention to the silliness captured within it:

"Mr Cameron was pursued by photographers through a river"

Then, next to the photograph, open the article with the following sentence:

"Conservative leader David Cameron was beaten by three girls and a semi-naked man as he braved a cold and muddy charity run in Oxfordshire."

Finally, artfully evoke the slightly pathetic image of an adult competing at a kindergarten birthday party, with the following closing line:
"All the contestants were awarded a medal."


supersizeme said...

oh! hahaha! good one.

nice how bbc's trying to alert us as to their (the likes of david cameron's) existance. they're such a bunch of wallflowers, most of us tend to forget they're there sometimes.

NB said...


haha I think the BBC would agree with you on that. David Cameron in particular i feel is really sort of struggling to be relevant.