Monday, December 08, 2008

Quote Of The Day

Real Madrid manager Bernd Schuster:
The game against Barcelona worries me less than any other game. It is not possible to win because Barcelona are in devastating form and I believe that this is going to be their year.

There are two possible explanations for this remarkable statement. One is that Schuster is simply speaking the truth and, on an unrelated note, is about to get fired. The other is that he's playing mind games, doesn't realize that Madrid coaches aren't allowed to play these types of mind games, and is about to get fired.

By the way, they lost a remarkable seven goal thriller - at home, no less - to Sevilla today, leaving them nine points behind Barca. I'd describe it for you guys, but I really don't care that much. And, I suspect, neither do you.


AKS said...

Well I guess you were right. Jaunde Ramos has been appointed the new manager of Real Madrid.

Last season Mr. Ramos moved to Tottenham and was given a tidy sum to spend on players, which he did. The result, Tottenham had the worst start to a season in their history with 2 points from 8 games.

His punishment for this terrible stint - an appointment as manager of Madrid...actually, that sounds about right.

Ahsan said...

This was the easiest fucking prediction ever. It doesn't even count as a prediction, frankly. I mean, if I were to "predict" today that tomorrow will be Wednesday, would that count?

Farrukh said...

No it won't count...i think he wanted to get himself fried to be honest :-)

Farrukh said...

did i write i meant!!