Friday, December 12, 2008

Quote(s) Of The Day (Joint Winners)

Both sports related.

First, Wizards coach Ed Tapscott wins the "Most superfluous and redundant comment ever made" award with the following, after a pasting from Boston (who are now an ungodly 21-2 by the way):
You saw the best team in the league. And in case you weren’t watching, it wasn’t us. It was them.

Next, we have the strangest sentence I have ever read in a preview of a football match. I am in that weird state right now, where your team is playing so well, and the upcoming opposition is playing so shakily, that you can't help but feel something is going to go wrong. Well I was snapped out of my sense of foreboding with the following:
Real Madrid against Sevilla on Sunday were refreshing attacking even with their myriad of injuries and so were Sevilla against Real Madrid. But sleeping with a whore is one thing, sleeping with a whore without a condom is quite another.

I have no idea what that means.


Laila said...

go celtics! :)

Ahsan said...

Oh God. Laila, you should know that the only thing more annoying than the girl who doesn't know anything about sports, is the girl who doesn't know anything about sports suddenly becoming a fan of her town's team because they're the champs.

Anonymous said...

ahsan=scrooge mcbutt

Laila said...

ahsan you're such an asshole! You're just pissed because you used to support whats his face iverson and now he's playing for the celtics! and no need to get so personal about my knowlege (or lack thereof) of basketball...I know enough about whose winning and losing to get by (and honestly that's all you pretty much need to know anyway). Plus I would probably be lynched in boston if I didn't support the celtics.

Laila said...

oops sorry did I say he was playing for the celtics? I meant the pistons. My bad

Ahsan said...

Um, Iverson doesn't play for the Celtics. *cough bandwagoner cough*. Good to see you know your team.

Alright, tell me this much: without going to google and trying to look for the answer, can you tell me the Celtics' number 1 threat in the East this year? And in the West?

Laila said...

hey I corrected myself just in time okay!

But yes to answer your question, biggest threat in the east would be the Cleveland Cavaliers, and in the west would be the Lakers.
And please this has nothing to do with being a bandwagoner, I live in Boston I have a legit reason to support the teams. It's not like I'm living in fricking Vermont or Michigan and supporting them!
But yes if you stat discussing sports statistics with me, I won't have anything to contribute to that since I never really pay attention to stuff like that. I haven't been following basketball since I was a toddler like you have.

Now stop being so mean to me!

Ahsan said...


You clearly went on or and found those answers.

One final point: living in Boston is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition to be supporting the Celtics. I would feel much better about your sudden fan-dom if you ever conveyed a sense to me that you know the first thing about basketball in all the years I've known you.

I'll stop now.

Laila said...

what the hell is and no I would never visit eww.

Honestly ahsan how many proper conversations have we ever had anyway? most of them are about completely ridiculous crap! there is tons you don't know okay! Anyway on that note maybe I should mention the reason why I knew the answer to your questions is because I'm forced to watch the sports channel at the gym everyday (since its the only one on). Which is where I pick up all this useless knowlege from anyway.

and as for your observation about how living in boston is not a necessary condition for supporting the sports teams...haha trust me you'll see once you come here. We are talking about people who trampled others to death when the red sox won the world series. Anyway end of this discussion already. Also I'm still waiting for you to take back the annoying comment! that was totally unmerited!

Ahsan said...

Acha bhai, ok. You are a truly devoted sports fan. I should never have doubted you. My apologies.

Laila said...

I will graciously accept your apologies. And bombard you with basketball play by plays everyday now.

On a side note aren't you getting married this month? How's that coming along? People driven you nuts already?

Ahsan said...

Yes, fairly, and give it time are the answers to your three questions, respectively.

bubs said...

You're getting married this month and maintaining a normal blogging schedule? Do you not have a family of typical Pakistanis?

Ahsan said...


In many ways, yes, in many ways, no. But the main thing is that I have nothing else to do while I'm here - no work or study required - so I'm not exactly in the same boat as most people in the same situation. But I do think blogging will get more infrequent over the next 10 days or so.