Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some Lightheartedness

With questions of war, death and destruction swirling around our part of the interwebs, I thought I might lighten the mood for a day. Here are some great videos that will make you feel better.

The first is Darko Milicic going apeshit after a loss in some international basketball tournament. You can watch it at work as long as you don't work for a Serbian boss. The subtitles, according to Serbian commenters on Youtube, are entirely accurate.

Staying on basketball for a second, please watch this clip of Tracy McGrady dunking all over poor Shawn Bradley from three years ago. In particular, catch the slow-mo replay and watch McGrady's body extend and torque to get maximum leverage around the 0:26 mark.

Moving along, do you know which Indian I fear the most? It is neither L.K. Advani nor Bal Thackeray. It is, in fact, Virender Sehwag. You can ask Chaminda Vaas why.

Did you hear the sound of that bat? Dear Lord. I bet Mohammad Sami still wakes up in a sweat sometimes.

This video, sent to me by Farooq, is also brilliant. It features some Islamic scholars debating in Arabic the exact method by which one should beat one's wife. I love the conclusion. I also feel like kind of an asshole for laughing the whole way through this, but whatever.

I'm sorry, this one should have gone right after the Sehwag one. It's obviously a little more agricultural - it is Afridi after all - but just watch how goddamn far the thing goes.

For some reason, embedding has been disabled for this video, but I highly encourage you to check it out. It's of a group of friends in Karachi yukking it up as they tape what has to be the world's worst ever traffic jam with a bird's eye view.

I don't really know anything about golf, but I know this is one amazing shot.

Readers are encouraged to post other great videos in the comments box below.


Farooq said...

You really missed the boat on the Afridi video you posted. You should have gone for the one in which he's hitting a six off Andrew Symonds in Australia around a year back. It completely eclipses Sehwag's.

Asfandyar said...

The Woods putt is :| That's the sort of thing you'd be more likely to see in a hollywood flick :|

Anyway, here's a brilliant team goal for you:


Ahsan said...


Yeah, completely forgot about that one. My bad.


Great goal. Speaking of team goals, here's the the second goal by Argentina against Serbia in the last world cup (the 4 gazillion pass one):


Also, here's the Black Mamba scene from Kill Bill 2, one of my favorite all time scenes:


Anonymous said...


Nikhil said...

If i remember correctly that mcgrady dunk was during the playoffs my senior year - the image served as my desktop background for over a year.

Ahsan said...


Dude, Faraz, why can't you just leave comments using your name or some pseudonym (whatever happened to "F-Machine")? And I know the "oaayyy, terriii" guy is you, despite your denials.


Yes, as I recall, we were watching that game together and we both jumped off the couch. Awesome dunk when watching it live. Every month or so, I go back and view it 3-4 times.

bubs said...

Here's an extremely drunk Serge Gainsbourg flirting very awkwardly with Whitney Houston.


Ismat said...

I'm sure you guys have seen this. What a stud.


Ritesh said...

He’s an absolute maverick with the bat isn’t he? I wonder how the bowlers garner courage to bowl at him yet again, only to see the ball disappear to the ropes or into the crowd. www.riteshp.blogspot.com