Saturday, December 13, 2008

US Intelligence Strikes Again

The Americans discover a new kind of WMD:

An annual convention of the recently banned Jamaat-ul-Dawah created ripples in the American security circles a few years back when, while monitoring through satellite, they mistook thousands of Lotas at the Pattoki convention site as potential weapons.

Perhaps not aware of the fact that the Muslims use Lota (one of the toiletries) in place of toilet-paper for washing purposes, the US security officials monitoring the congregation with their rotating satellites were quick to refer the photo images of Lotas to their Pakistani counterparts, seeking their expert opinion if these could be used as weapons.

However, it was only after a flurry of US-Pak exchanges that the Pakistani authorities were able to address the American apprehensions, explaining that such toilet utensils are harmless and were used all over the world by Muslims.


Maria said...


I found your post googling for lotas and wmds (dont ask me why!!) and got to this hilarious article before yours:


supersizeme said...

hahaha! blonde moment ahoy!

i had to share this story with just about everyone, it's just made history!