Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Zardari on Larry King: A Uniter Not a Divider

An insanely busy week of work - what with the Karachi violence and all - has kept me from posting or reading here. Catching up with all the comments on the Mumbai blast has been quite depressing, with too many commenters retreating into defensively nationalistic stances. Anyway, here's a topic that can help unite us all, Pakistanis and Indians alike: taking cheap shots at Asif Zardari.

Going over the transcript of his interview with Larry King, it's hard to decide which of the two I dislike more. King, given the opportunity to interview Zardari at such a crucial time, completely blew it, asking inane questions in the short time he had with the president. Here are some examples:

By the way, what do you make of President-elect Obama?
What do you make and how do you look forward to working with the possible incoming secretary of state, Hillary Clinton?
Do you think she is a good choice?

Of all the answers Zardari gave, none pissed me off more than the one where he talked about how terrorism had affected Pakistan:

Like I said, these are stateless individuals who operate throughout -- I mean, I've got a situation in Pakistan that the fourth largest army in the world is challenged on my border on the west. I've got 150 people out, boys out, soldiers out. We have casualties every day. We've had incidents just the past two days in Karachi where we've lost more than 40 to 45 people, hundreds injured. These are stateless actors who are moving throughout this region.

The situation in Karachi had nothing to do with stateless actors or Islamic terrorism. Zardari knows Larry King knows nothing about that so it's a good evasion. It just makes me mad.

Which is why I'm in no mood to be charitable when Zardari messes up his World Wars

You will remember history correctly, even the Second World War (sic) was perpetrated by a stateless actor, murdering of the Prince


Ahsan said...

Unless "Prince" is Sindhi slang for "Poland".

Muna said...

Maybe they didn't teach him that at the London School of Economics and Business and Other things we have never heard of.

NA said...

I've never seen a head of state surround himself with a butler on either side while giving an interview. Unless ofcourse this is our version of the Secret Service.

supersizeme said...

hey hey! i heart this guy!

i think he managed this interview quite decently actually.

lest we forget larry king is as cheesy and off-colour as the hoff. our standards have to come down a notch whenever our politicians feature on channels like cnn and fox news.

ok, so maybe the 'prince' bit is a bit''??'' but that first question was handled very tactfully, he deflected it all AWAY from islamic extremists, saying that essentially terror and damage can come from a variety of individuals, i think it's clever he incorporated that current piece of news into his answer.

Khizzy said...

i dont know...i'm going to grudgingly, give this round over to zardari, atleast there wasnt a picture of BB next to him on the desk.
or did i miss that?
I cant stand the man, but this was one his better 'performances'.

Khizzy said...
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arataster said...

This definitely brings him to par with Palin when she said Africa was a country..