Friday, January 09, 2009

George Bush’s Biggest Fiasco?

Doonesbury at Slate is holding a poll to ascertain George Bush’s biggest fiasco. There are three options:

A) Iraq;

B) Katrina; and

C) The Economy

Iraq currently leads with 82% of the votes, followed by The Economy with 13%, and Katrina with 4%.

Bush’s failures in Iraq and his inability to stem the economic collapse will certainly haunt us for decades but Bush’s inability to act after Hurricane Katrina and his reliance on incapable stooges (anyone remember 'Brownie'?) directly cost American civilians their lives and their livelihoods, which is why Katrina got my vote.

What would you vote for?

1 comment:

supersizeme said...

this a tough one really, all three are epics in their own right.
not to mention his swan song, which is any little or large involvement with Israel's onslaught against the people of Gaza. what can i say, the guy's a legend. may we hurl shoes (or other obscenity of choice) at him for as long as he is remembered, amen.