Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Headline Of The Day

Without a doubt, my favorite story out of a Pakistani newspaper in the last 24 hours, not just for the content, but for the presentation. First, the headline:
Journalists are biggest terrorists: Zardari

Then, the matter-of-fact tone in the first paragraph:
PESHAWAR: President Asif Zardari seems to be so unhappy with the media that he told a delegation of businessmen from the NWFP recently that journalists were the biggest terrorists in Pakistan.

Then, the offending quote, which discerning readers should note, is never actually heard by the reporter in question:
“Journalists are the biggest terrorists,” President Zardari is said to have remarked while talking about the issue of terrorism in NWFP and Fata.

And then, to ram the point home, a reiteration:
In his view the journalists were bigger terrorists than even the terrorists.

So true! Is it too late for George W. Bush to declare a Global War Against Journalism? Wait, don't answer that.


Ray Lightning said...

This should rank as the dumbest quote ever. Looks like Zardari is trying to make up for the resignation of Bush :)

AKS said...

I'm still having a hard time believing the Zardari quote. Its such an idiotic thing to say.

As for: "Is Khurram Manzoor the greatest batsman since Viv?"

No. But he did make Mendis look ordinary.

It was the perfect cricketing day. Amazing weather, decent crowd, a solid performance by the team (even Malik captaincy was okay - terrible field placement but good bowling changes + engagement with all bowlers), and above all an emphatic win in Karachi.

Tazeen said...

Before we lynch Zaradri (and he should be lynched for other reasons) how can journalists report something which they have never heard Zardari speak?
What happened to the notion of integrity of journalism?

supersizeme said...

with you there tazeen. i'm not saying this as a 'fan of zardari' but a lot of us are noticing a big slump in journalism standards, aside from integrity etc, there is zilch diplomacy left in their work, never read as much mindless open bias as i'm reading today. surely the country's media wasn't as ridiculous as this before? those plagiarising errorists! i say deport them all AZ!

Ahsan said...

Tazeen and Supersizeme:

So then we agree: journalists are the biggest terrorists in Pakistan.

zubair khan said...

Hahahaha....i love ur writing brother AHSAN...

supersizeme said...

well, yeah they are. besides, i think they should waste their energy hating the govt for when it well and truly mucks it up, which will inevitably happen sooner or later, then we'll appreciate it, right now they're just unnecessarily blowing hot air when there's no need to thus making them.. uh, terrorists. haha!

Rabia said...

screw freedom of the press!!!1

Tazeen said...

Journalists en masse may not be the terrorists AZ is alleged to have said, but some of them sure needs to be locked up in a padded room with straight jackets on