Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's About Goddamn Time

So it turns out that Barack Obama is not the only savior hoisted upon us this January.

There's some news items that simply make your morning. This is one of them. Better late than never, yes?

Anyway, here's what I had to say about Younis Khan's captaincy potential more than two years ago immediately after the whole "dummy captain" fiasco. While some of it is surely cringe-worthy, I stand by most of what I said.

UPDATE: Younis, as quoted by Osman Samiuddin:
I will try and fix things that aren't right at the moment. But the boys will all have to get together and wave their magic wands. I can't just wave it by myself.

Is that supposed to be a metaphor for something?


MYK said...

Dude, Im cumming in my pants on an hourly basis. Good call on the picture you used. It was among the five I shortlisted as a profile picture on facebook. Guess i'll just go with the shirtless one.

In all seriousness though, as me and Zeyd of Pakpassion were discussing earlier, the guy is terrible at taking criticism and being questioned about poor results. He needs to work on that attitude before the series with India. I think its only fair to expect the worst against what is arguably the best team in the world. And I really think he can learn to handle the kind of public disrespect which is part and parcel of being the Pakistani captain.

Anyway, we'll leave such issues for later. Im off to Peshawar to celebrate. I hear in the FATA areas they're allowing women the liberty of publicly grinning for one day in honour of this momentous occasion.

Ahsan said...

Man, won't it be nice to see three slips and a gully every now and then? More than four guys in the ring? Akmal dumped on his ass?

I am looking forward to the Younis Khan era.

Raza said...


Omar said...

Haha. Can you imagine Younis and the boys waving their magic wands around arguing over who's got the biggest?

My money's on Afridi. But Rao Iftikhar seems like the dark horse.

Anonymous said...

Shoaib (Akhtar) has got to be the smallest. Anybody disagree?

zeyd said...

Yeah, best piece of news in a long, long time. I just hope he gets the support required from administrators, selectors, players, and fans alike. He's sure going to need it.

You know what? Fuck everything as long as it means Akmal doesn't play anymore. I swear I'm gonna kill someone if that asshole plays another game.

Tazeen said...

Amazing indeed.

So many fans of a man who was groomed to take on the role of a captain and then refused and sulked in the corner.

karachi khatmal said...

God bless you guys for taking a positive spin on this. there are others, i am suspecting mohajirs, who have been very upset about this.

i quote currently the best reason in pakistan for why MYK shouldn't be captain.

"I have never seen another player leave the ground with the helmet removed from the face even though you were bowled out for a duck."


"Whereas Younis’ nomination for captaincy marks the darkest day in the history of Pakistan cricket to me, it is high time the PCB should realize the difference between a jester and a player."

also, why is MYK cumming in his own pants?