Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Links For Wednesday

Can you feel it readers? Can you feel the hope and change and audacity?

Here's some stuff to help you get through the inevitable Wednesday letdown:

Sanjay Dutt thinks women who choose to keep their maiden names are disrespecting the person they've married.

From Obsidian Wings, a really honest and reflective post on race relations in the US, how they've changed in the last twenty years or so, and why that change has taken place.

Did you guys know about this Markus Frind person? Dude started this dating site called, made it free, outmatched, made gazillions, and now counts a day ending at noon as a really long work day. Stories like this really depress me, primarily because I know I'm never going to be that guy. (Link courtesy the W)

Without a doubt, the cutest moment of the Obama inauguration.

Paul Krugman explains why Spain's bubble-bursting has been more painful because of it being a member of the Eurozone. By the way, in case you don't read his blog, you should. I've found it invaluable as an econ/finance novice - he is excellent at distilling really complicated ideas into language non-experts can understand. Especially as the world's economy has basically collapsed, it's really helped me understand the issues.

New Real head honcho calls Robben a better player than Messi. Ok. In case you want to know about the old Real head honcho, read Sid Lowe's column.

Blah blah blah Mohammad Asif blah blah blah WADA jurisdiction blah blah blah maybe maybe not blah blah blah what an egregious waste of talent blah blah blah.

Finally, Stephen Walt (of Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy fame) has a detailed blog post on Israel's strategic victories and blunders over the decades.

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