Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost Season Five: Episode 3

Spoilers for the latest Lost episode follow.

In the comments last week, supersize me hoped that Lost would get back to concentrating on one character per episode. Well, his wish came partly true as 'Jughead' moved between Desmond and Faraday, with the Oceanic 6 nowhere to be seen. Overall, a very satisfying episode that had several great emotional payoffs as well as many 'wow' moments.

Let's move straight to the bullet points.

- So, the Jughead of the title refers to a hydrogen bomb and not the Archie comics character. Or does it? Here's something I didn't notice while watching the episode but read about later in the forums. Jughead tried to hide his real name for a long time (Forsythe) while his surname was Jones. One of the Others captured by Locke goes by the pseudonym of Jones but doesn't reveal his first name. And if you want to see something truly freaky, check out the contents of this Jughead spin-off comic.

- How awesome was it when we find out that Jones is actually Widmore. Now we know that Widmore, as many have speculated, was actually on the island. But how did he end up back in the real world? Was he banished because he moved the island, like Ben did in the season finale? Last week, I ventured a guess that the commandoes were Widmore's men. I never freakin thought one of them was Widmore himself.

- It's sweet enough that Desmond named his son Charlie but let's examine some other possibilities. There is a good chance that Desmond and his son will go back to the island. Might his son then get caught up in the time warp, move back in time, and become a rock star with a drug problem?

- While the obvious answer to Desmond's son's name is that he was named after Charlie, it is intriguing that Penny's father is Charles. Even if he had nothing to do with the name, surely Penny would have been resistant to the idea of naming her son after her father.

- Thus far, Daniel Faraday has been portrayed in an entirely sympathetic manner. Nice to see that he can be capable of cruelty. Abandoning his time-travel test subject is hardly the most noble action. But it is entirely possible he was forced to do so by his benefactor Charles Widmore.

- My mind is still reeling from the revelation that Richard Alpert visited John Locke at his birth and gave him the test when he was a kid because Locke told him to.

- It seems likely that this season we will cover much of the island's history. I really hope this means a reappearance by the late Rosseau as we finally get her backstory.

- I think Charlotte is dead but given the structure of this season I am pretty sure we will see her again.

- Daniel finds Ellie (the Other who takes him to the H-Bomb) somewhat familiar. Any chance she is his mother? Also, does Widmore telling Desmond that Daniel's mother is in LA confirm that Mrs Hawking is Daniel's mother or is this another big fake-out?


supersizeme said...

hahaha! fyi; i'm female.

and i cried big whopping girl tears upon seeing charlotte collapse (i was really beginning to like her character) and seeing desmond with little charlie. can't believe that not only did desmond and penny get together in the end -they also went on to have a baby. but they're obviously far from happily ever after, can't wait to see what lies ahead for the family in LA.

most of the mystery that is richard alpert has been cracked, now we know he isn't this never-aging guy but a slippery bugger who time travels.

and charles widmore as an other? moreover - a kid? shocker..

and 1954!!! i was thinking it would've been a coupla years here and there but 1954? that was a stretch!

i heart locke. nuff said.

i think that lady who sold the ring to desmond is faraday's mum, just like you said earlier.
i think widmore is telling the truth, but i don't doubt there will be a trap somewhere... watch out desmond and penny! said...

What's interesting is that in the future, we don't really see any of the Others we saw in this week's episode on the island, except for Richard Alpert, (assuming they would all look like they did in 1954 in 2009, since Alpert never aged). Did something happen that they all died or all of them left the island, (since Widmore and potentially Ellie who may be Faraday's mom are in the real world)?

Bubs, thanks for doing this each week, I never get the chance to visit the Lost forums, so this is a good way to pinpoint the week's interesting developments.

Ahsan said...

I love how Bubs has siphoned off a section of our readership for these inane discussions. How can you guys have this much to say about ONE EPISODE of ONE SHOW?

Ahsan said...

By the way, my brother once watched an entire season of Lost in the course of one weekend. I really don't understand the cult-ishness of the show. said...

Are you shaming us?! Watch the show and you will understand! It is almost impossible not to get sucked in. Trust me.

bubs said...

Supersizeme: Sorry about that. Whenever someone has a gender neutral name, I just assume its male. I don't know if that's some buried sexism emerging or that most likely 90% of blog readers are male.

I don't know if Widmore has set a trap for Desmond and Penny. I suspect the greatest danger to them is waiting in LA: Ben. He had vowed to take revenge on Widmore last season for having Alex killed. If he kills Penny and then manages to get back to the island with the Oceanic 6, this would also create a storyline that would bring Desmond back to the island.

changinguppakistan: After reading the forums today, I have changed my mind about one thing. The consensus seems to be that Ellie is actually the girl Faraday left behind in Britian. Since he did his time-travel experiments on her, it is very possible that she is also on the island.

Ahsan: I don't think any show has ever had as ambitious a narrative arc as Lost. This allows for lots of discussion and speculation, especially since the middle of the third season, when the ratio of questions raised to answers given fell from 20:1 to 1:1. Give the first four episodes of the show a try. If you aren't hooked, by all means return here to mock us.

supersizeme said...

hey, no problem bubs, it happens all the time (with this awkward pseudonym of mine), besides it's kind of funny.

did you say ''kill penny''...? damn it, i know they would never have a happy ever after. boo benjamin linus, booo!

and if little charlie was to end up being their lovechild, it makes for a really, really interesting twist in tale, and perhaps explain charlie's last moments.

ahsan, i was skeptical at first too, just don't knock it till you've tried it, i say.