Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lost Season Five: Episodes 1 and 2

Given that there seems to be some interest in Lost around these parts, I’m going to be blogging about the show each week. Originally, I’d planned to do episode recaps but I think it would be more fun to offer bullet points on the crazy-ass coincidences, offer half-baked theories and document all the WTF moments of each episode. Here are my thoughts on ‘Because You Left’ and ‘The Lie’, the first two episodes of the fifth season of Lost.

Spoiler Alert: Do not read further if you plan on watching these two episodes at a later date. Do no read further if you will never watch Lost. It will make no sense.

Onto the hail of bullets:

- It was great to learn that the star of the Dharma orientation videos, variously known as Edgar Halliwax and Marvin Candle, is actually Dr Chang. Any chance his new-born daughter is Charlotte, who, as an off-hand comment by Miles last season led us to suspect, may have been born on the island? Probably not, as the baby looked Chinese.

- Note that Dr Chang’s alarm goes off at 8:15.

- Sweet shout out to the opening scenes of season 2 and season 3. In the second season Desmond listens to The Mama and The Papas. In the third, Juliet to Petunia Clark. Now we get Chang listening to Willie Nelson. Also, nice foreshadowing of Faraday’s explanation that the island is like a broken record.

- In the stunning opening scene, we see that Daniel Faraday is working with the Dharma Initiative. It soon becomes obvious that this is present-day Faraday and the island has moved in time. Or is it? We learnt in ‘The Constant’ that, like Desmond, Faraday can also experience time travel. Has he traveled back in time to infiltrate the Dharma, and for what purpose?

- Who set the lawyers on Kate? As Sun points out, it is not someone who wants to go public or he/she would already have publicly revealed that Aaron is not Kate’s son. Three candidates come to mind, the most obvious of whom is Ben Linus. Ben has the motive: forcing Kate on the run should help convince her to go back to the island. But it could certainly be Charles Widmore, who thinks this might help him get more information from Kate about the island and the survivors. A third, although somewhat unlikely, possibility might be Sun. Despite her weak denial, it is very likely that she blames Kate for Jin’s death. Denying Aaron his mother would be pretty sweet revenge considering Sun’s daughter will never meet her father.

- In the first season, Locke found boars with his hunting skills. Miles just hears dead boars.

- Given that Desmond met Faraday in the past in ‘The Constant’, why he doesn’t he remember him?

- We get lots of old characters and situations making an appearance. Why was Ethan so shocked that Ben would appoint John Locke as the leader? Is it simply because the man was unknown to him or did the island move back so far in time that Ben isn’t their leader yet? And Ana Lucia warning Hurley not to be caught by the police shows that the island can work in the real world, too. This would mean that Charlie and Libby (or at least their ghosts, or whatever these apparitions are) actually did meet Hurley and Michael. They were not hallucinations.

- Now we know what Richard Alpert wanted the adolescent Locke to pick when he visited him. It wasn’t the dagger; it was the compass.

- Richard Alpert never seems to age because he is moving back and forth between time. Thus, present-day Alpert kept visiting Locke at different points in his childhood because he knew that Locke would eventually lead The Others. Maybe he was trying to hasten the process, although that didn’t work, probably because the future can’t be changed in significant ways. Or at least that’s my theory.

- Hurley’s dad watches Expose. Apparently, Nikki’s death wasn’t enough to take the show off the air.

- Those with a good memory would have recognized the woman who told Ben that he has 70 hours to get the Oceanic Six back to the island. That was Mrs Hawkings, the woman who refused to sell Desmond the ring back in season 3 because that would change the future. Here’s a theory about her: Faraday told Desmond that he should seek out his mother in Oxford. Given that Faraday is a thirty-something Englishmen, his mother would likely be British and in her sixties. Mrs Hawkings is the only one who fits the bill.

- Why is Sayid so pissed off at Ben? Did he find out that Ben had Nadia killed just so he could acquire the Iraqi’s services?

- It is quite puzzling that Sun would want to kill Ben. As far as she knows, Ben had nothing to do with Jin’s death? Is she lying about that just so she could get close to Widmore. Or is she working with the mysterious Economist, who we heard about, but was never shown, in season 4?

- Did Charles Widmore control the island only to have it wrested from his control by the Dharma Initiative? It seems more of a possibility given that the paramilitary guys who attacked Sawyer and the other Losties were British.

- This is a question I expect to ask every week: What is Ben up to?

- Next weeks episode is titled ‘Jughead’. Anyone care to speculate how it will tie in with Archie comics?

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Also something my friend who was reading the discussion threads told me: Richard Alpert gave John Locke a compass - remember last season when we did a flashback to Locke as a kid and Alpert comes to visit him, among several things he gives him to "test" him was a compass. Coincidence? On Lost, never...

I am actually the most interested to find out about Alpert - why he never ages, and how he knew where to find Locke when he had been shot, how he was aware of everything going on.

Also, I thought Desmond didnt recognize Faraday because at that point Des hadn't gone through that weird "time sickness" thing and hadn't yet met him, which is confusing since he technically met him before he went to the island.

Ahsan said...

Bubs, I have to ask: where do you find the time to watch all the TV that you do?

bubs said...

Changinguppakistan: Yeah I mentioned the compass thing. It's intriguing although I have no clue what it means yet.

Ahsan: My job allows me to watch as much TV as I want. I have to be on the clock from 3 pm to midnight. Anytime I'm not out reporting, I have to be in the office. Since I have nothing to do there except file my stories for the day, I have at least three hours a day I can watch TV shows on my laptop.

supersizeme said...

hey i'd love a job where i can watch 3hrs of tv shows too, my lot are too damn frugal. :(

those two eps were marvellously confusing which perfectly signals the return of lost.

richard is definitely more of a mystery than ben linus at this stage, and like ben he's completely sterile of any personality - interesting!

i was wondering exactly the same thing, when desmond and faraday come face to face outside the hatch, as to how desmond couldn't recognise him from their encounter at oxford university - which occurred in the past, right?

so far locke is pure awesomeness, sayeed? meh! everyone else is cool and sun definitely has me frightened, remember her track record? she is a known double-crosser and now she has lost a loved one, i'm also convinced she has a deal with widmore - which spells pure evil.other than that i can't see any more surprises as yet.
i'm still waiting for juliette to let out her inner axe-wielding maniac (you can see it in her eyes).

it's also amazing how they started the show with a personal look at that guy who is the face behind the dharma initiative, can't wait to see more of him this season.

also, upon seeing the jet re-crashing into the island, i instantly thought of mr ecko, i feel we may see him again. :)

i also love how they brought anna-lucia back in, though i was disappointed as it turned out as just her 'ghost', still it was nice how they managed to incorporate old characters into these episodes.

it sounds like it's going to be the best seasons yet, although i did start missing the personal episodes, where they would focus on one particular character per episode, i hope they get back to that from next episode onwards.

bubs said...

Supersize me: Unfortunately, we won't be seeing Mr Eko again. The actor playing him left the show because he was unhappy with the producers. Originally, the time-travel story was meant for him, and Desmond only got it because he quit.

I also love the episodes concentrating on one character. I fear the show won't return to that soon because everyone is so scattered and we need to know what is happening with at least four different groups of people. Once Ben and the Oceanic 6 get back to the island, I expect a return to those type of stories.

supersizeme said...

ok now;
1) i'm gutted!
2) lost is officially xenophobic for messing up big time with the only religious man on the show.

onto other things now...
nadia? dead? when? hmm... i think i suffer random bouts of amnesia, i tend to forget things like this.

if she was killed, it could have been the iraqi agencies too, the ones who held her captive? she was an escapee wasn't she?

i've just remembered a funny moment from episode 2, when there's another flash of light and the island shakes etc, sawyer cuts the tension by muttering ''bitch!'', wearing that signature pissed off look, i found that part hilarious. only sawyer can get away with doing that.

oh yeah, i missed the question last time, about jughead? I instantly thought of jake gyllenhaal's army-based film, but then realised it's called 'jarhead', duh. don't have a clue what archie comics's 'jughead' is, but after googling all i know is it's some character who can consume excessive amounts of food and drink and not gain any weight? so i'm guessing it has nothing to do with hurley then?

you're right about the individual-style episodes, the characters are too scattered for that kind of format to work.
can't complain really, it's good either way right now. said...


Nadia was killed in the flash forward we saw last season - when you cut to Sayeed at a funeral looking devastated and Ben watching him with binoculars. Essentially, Ben used Nadia's death to get Sayeed to work for him, saying he knew who her killers were (hence why he becomes a hit man and answers to Ben).

Now that you mentioned about jughead, it's interesting that Hurley is kind of the opposite, even though he was on an island diet, he never lost any weight. Sawyer even made a note of that in season 1.

supersizeme said...

aah yes, now i remember. thanks for that. i still don't think it was ben who killed or had her killed though.

and good obs on hurley, it sometimes looks like he gets even fatter every episode, sheesh!