Sunday, January 18, 2009

Matt Taibbi's Withering Critique Of Tom Friedman

Apologies for this blog being so Friedman-centered lately, but I couldn't help but pass on this absolutely scathing piece by Matt Taibbi on our favorite NYT op-edder. Please, please, please read it. Just trust me on this.


Anonymous said...

Bravo.Nice take down by Matt.Thank you for posting this brilliant and hilarious article. May I suggest you to post your analysis on U.S's one sided policy towards Israel.Do you see a shift in the U.S. policy during Obama's tenure?

Raza said...

Taibbi's been at it for years. You'll find that the recent piece simply expanded the asshole he tore Friedman here:

Ahsan said...


I wrote two posts on Gaza last week. I'm sort of Israel-ed out. If you want to read something on US policy toward Israel, read this article by Glenn Greenwald:

And to answer your question, I think the Obama team cannot possibly be as behind Israel as the Bush II team was. I think you'll see something closer to Bush I (i.e. relatively more even-handed but still tilting toward Israel).


I used to read Taibbi back in the day when I subscribed to Rolling Stone. Then he sort of fell off my radar. I'll make sure to read him more often after this take down.

shariq said...

This is fantastic! I remember reading the world is flat review when it came out and being blown away by it. In fact, one of my few criticisms of fareed zakaria is his endorsing friedman's pile of crap. Anyways, the more people that read this the better.