Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our People

Heartwarming couple of paragraphs from the NYT's piece on Swat today:
Few officials would dispute that one of the Pakistani military’s biggest mistakes in Swat was its failure to protect Pir Samiullah, a local leader whose 500 followers fought the Taliban in the village of Mandal Dag. After the Taliban killed him in a firefight last month, the militants demanded that his followers reveal his gravesite — and then started beheading people until they got the information, one Mandal Dag villager said.

“They dug him up and hung his body in the square,” the villager said, and then they took the body to a secret location. The desecration was intended to show what would happen to anyone who defied the Taliban’s rule, but it also made painfully clear to Swat residents that the Pakistani government could not be trusted to defend those who rose up against the militants.

By the way, Rabia has been dealing with the Swat issue - almost to the exclusion of everything else - on her blog. Some interesting links and stories on there; check it out when you have the time.


Goth Girl said...

thank you for the tips.
for now i am gonna act like a foreigner and say that it is not hitting me as it did 5 years ago.

ibteda. said...

Oh God! I missed this story before. This is so sickening. Just hos can our government go on having all these stupid sessions and stuff when so much is going is totally amiss?