Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pakistan's Idiotic Extradition Demand

This is what Rehman Malik had to say about India's extradition request:

“If India (keeps) insisting on … handing over the suspects of the Mumbai attacks, we will also ask it to hand over the accused of the Samjhauta Express blast.”

Had it been an off the cuff remark then maybe one could forgive Mr. Malik for making this inane comparison. Of course, since this is the Pakistani government we're talking about, it wasn't; it was a friggin policy decision. Dawn further reports:

An official of the interior ministry said it had been suggested at a Foreign Office briefing a few days ago that Pakistan should also ask India to hand over the people involved in the train blast.The sources said that the government had decided to adopt a tough stand if India continued to demand extradition of some suspects in the Mumbai attacks.

I don't really want to talk in detail about the absurdity of such a request but what I do want to do is to humbly request our government to stop talking shit. Actually, I'd like them to just stop talking. Hiring PR firms in Washington, and Harriet Miers as your lobbyist, isn't going to help if you're going to continue being such morons.


supersizeme said...

you're right.
too much defiance and unnecessary cockiness isn't a good thing.

Raza said...
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lalapathan said...

why don't 1 of u guys run for the r smarter then all them crooks up there!

YH said...

You know, as much as I hate Rehman Malik, that was a good response. Atleast it put the Indians on the backfoot for what it's worth.

Shash said...

I really doubt that the Indian government is going to be put on the backfoot with that statement. The Indian public is already dissatisfied with the Indian government given its security lapses and an agressive response is pretty much the government's only option.
Posturing notwithstanding, if someone makes an incredibly stupid demand like that, natural response would be agressive.

Sikander Hayat said...

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