Monday, January 26, 2009

Quote Of The Day

ere's the Catalan press, explaining why Messi will not follow the Luis Figo route to Real:

"We Love You Messi", simpered Sport's cover, its editor declaring "Messi's kiss not just any kiss", and "this won't be like Figo because Messi is nether a money grabber nor a gypsy".


Anyway, I find this whole Messi-to-Madrid meme planted by Florentino Pérez (the favorite to become Madrid's new head honcho; you may remember him as the architect of the Galactico era and specifically for luring Luis Figo from Barca to Real) to be blatantly transparent and quite stupid. Let me tell you right now: Messi is not going anywhere. He has said so himself in quite categorical terms (and his words actually mean something, unlike some douchebags I am familiar with). Joan Laporta too has rubbished the idle speculation, dismissing it (accurately) as a campaign to "destabilize" Barca. Even Messi's dad has piped in, saying "I know Leo wants to stay with Barça and will never go to Madrid. In Madrid they can say what they want. All I am saying is that it is up to him because it is his decision and he feels very, very good in Barcelona."

In other words, Messi is not a gypsy.


Unpretentious Diva said...

I came here in hope of reading something about Obama's recent order to attack on Pakistan borders.

Yet, I missed it.

Anyways, I wrote something about it here

zeyd said...

The only way he'll head to Madrid is if Real kidnap his family and threaten to kill them unless he moves, which, actually is a possibility.

Ahsan said...


Yeah, I wouldn't put it past them. Perez apparently wants all three: Kaka, Messi and Ronaldo. How many people is he going to kidnap?