Friday, January 23, 2009

Recommended Reading

A couple of pieces you guys should check out. Mohammed Hanif examines the changing role of the mullah over the decades. It is occasionally exaggerated for comic effect but well worth reading.
Secondly, a more scholarly piece by Pervez Hoodhboy on how the Saudi influence has changed the education system of Pakistan.

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Anonymous said...

"One reason could be that the kind of religion I grew up with was never associated with suicide bombings and philosophies of world domination. Religion was something you practiced on your own..."
Well said, Mohsin Hamid.

And as far as Pervez Hoodbhoy is concerned... as much as I agree with some points he makes, I don't know why he's picking on his female students who choose to wear the abaya. So what if she's a "silent note-taker"? If she's there, studying to get a PhD or whatever, it's ample proof that she's not oppressed! Shouldn't we be embracing her willingness to receive a good education? Shouldn't we be glad she's at a university and not being forced to stay at home? Oh, and Mr Hoodbhoy, here's a simple equation that might help you: covering yourself doesn't equal oppression and Talibanization. Just thought I'd make that clear.