Saturday, February 07, 2009

Blog Recommendation: Shadow Of Sputnik

Slowly but surely, I am convincing all my friends to become bloggers. First it was Farooq and the guy who for some reason is known as JJY. Now it's Lindsey, who some of you regulars may already know. Anyway, she blogs about lobbyists, collective action among today's youth, and elephants.

Check it out.


Majaz said...

She's got a great blog. Thanks for sharing!

MYK said...

Interesting thing to note about JJY - the guy is a complete asshole.

JJY said...

I am NOT an asshole. That is a completely baseless accusation and I will have none of it!

MYK said...

Oh really? Then please explain the following:

(a) When your college girlfriend's sister came down to visit you slept with her while your girlfriend was in class. You did this ON your girlfriend's bed.

(b) In sophomore year, when you knew you were going to fail the Writing Fiction class, you spread false rumors that you were sexually molested by the Professor. This ultimately cost him his job and his livelihood.

(c) At your job, your colleague asked you to turn in a report for him because he had to rush to his mother in the hospital. Your boss LOVED the report and you decided to take full credit for it. Your colleague, who ended up losing his mother, on discovering how you had betrayed him, committed suicide. You now sit in his office and are having an affair with his sister, taking advantage of her vulnerability during her grieving period.

I would say that all of the above qualifies as assholic behavior. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find an asshole as complete as you.

JJY said...

Listen, you cant just throw some disjointed facts together and use them to call me an asshole. Yes, the way you present things does show me to be an unsavory character. However, you must consider the context of my actions. Permit me to explain:

(a) My girlfriend has always been the family favorite. Her sister has suffered an inferiority complex all her life. The poor girl has always been in my girlfriend's shadow and would have languished in mediocrity if i hadnt given her some sense of confidence in her independent womanhood by having sex with her. And she was so sweet about it, the poor girl. She didnt even want to do it. Despite us having a few drinks. It was really me insisting on it. She really didnt want to have sex with her sister's boyfriend even when we were on the bed and moments away from her rite of passage.

(b) I did not spread "false" rumors about being molested. I loved my fiction professor very dearly. He was a good man with a happy family - a wife and three wonderful children. One day i simply convinced him that the only way we could really immerse ourselves in homosexual literature was to have a homosexual experience. So we had gay sex repeatedly. I was so awed by his dedication to his art that i had us secretly videotaped and sent a copy of the recording to his family. I wanted them to see what passion he had for his work. Sadly they did not appreciate it. His wife divorced him and she got full custody. After that, he left his job because of the memories associated with his happier life.

(c) Okay, i admit i took credit for the report. But only because my boss didnt let me get a word in edgewise. By the time my colleague found out what happened, they had promoted me despite my best efforts to convince them otherwise. I tried to speak to my colleague about it. I took him to the roof of our building and we stood at the very edge and looked across the New York skyline. I thumped his back repeatedly and vigorously to encourage him. But he would have none of it. He pretended to trip over the railing and he fell to his death.
As for his sister, i am not having an affair with her. My colleague's father left the family at a very young age so they dont remember him. I felt so bad for my colleague's sister that I convinced her that Im her long lost father. I have been a real comfort to her during this period. She needed a father figure as she refuses to sleep alone. I also bathe her.

MYK said...

Okay let me get your defense straight. Basically:

(a) You got your girlfriend's sister drunk and date-raped her.

(b) You took advantage of your professor and then sent a VERY incriminating videotape to his fmaily and ruined his life.

(c) It sounds like you MURDERED your colleague. Also, you are having an incestous relationship with his sister and totally exploiting her grief.

JJY said...


(b)I.... I thought they'd... I thought they'd admire him.

(c) Its not incestous because Im not really her father. SHE just thinks I am. So SHE is the one with issues.

MYK said...

Okay, JJY. You have made your case. You are not an asshole. Just a bit of a dick.

sarasays said...

oh my god, this is hilarious...!

Sputnik said...

Oh come on Farooq! How am I possibly supposed to attract readers to my blog when you're clearly far wittier than I am AND have pictures of gargantuan breasts on your homepage?