Saturday, February 21, 2009

Deep Thought Of The Day

Seven points seems like a decent lead only if you forget that it was twelve two weeks ago.


AKS said...

Awww, how fucking sad. Gaining a point on your rival seems decent until you realise that the rival is Aston Villa, you're contesting for 4th place and you were held to a goal-less draw at home, by Sunderland - fucking Sunderland, they don't even have a manager!

Whatever, as I told Zeyd, I'm following gymnastics from now on and will be countries that are currently, or were formerly under communist rule. Let the good times begin.

lala pathan said...

haha...AKS seems like a MAN U fan...i am also hoping that liverpool doesn't lose any more games and the lady luck leaves MAN U for the rest of the season and oo not worried abt BARCA at all...they will come firing from all cylinders next week...its their year liga and C.L....MESSI is on fire baby!..