Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lost Season Five: Episode 4

As I was watching 'The Little Prince', the latest episode of Lost, it struck me how much the focus of the show has changed since the first season. Back then, Jack and Kate were the obvious focus of the show, the hero and heroine who would solve all the mysteries, kick the bad guys' asses and finally realize that they love each other. Now, is there anyone who seriously cares what happens to them? If anyone is going to figure out what's going on it's Faraday (introduced in the fourth season), we no longer know if anyone is a bad guy and the only love story anyone is interested in is that of Desmond and Penny (introduced in the first and last episodes of the second season, respectively). The most compelling character is Ben, who was only supposed to be on the show for a four-episode arc as Henry Gale, while episodes centering on Kate tend to drag. Despite her presence, there is still plenty to ponder after 'The Little Prince'.

- For once, the most obvious answer turned out to be the correct one. Despite the fakeout with Claire's mom, it was Ben who had set the lawyers on Kate and Aaron. As an aside, let me state how much I hate the previously on's. By now I can't imagine there is a single Lost viewer left who doesn't intimately know every minor character in the Lost mythology. For someone who just randonly tunes in, a one-minute recap isn't going to help at all. All the recap does is tip me off that Claire's mom is going to reappear.

- We speaculated in the comments last week that the time travel business might finally allow us to see a Rosseau flashback. Awesome though her appearance was, the reintroduction of an undead Jin may just trump that.

- Miles' nosebleed leads Faraday to suspect that he may have been on the island before. Can Miles now be added to the list of those who might be Dr Marvin Candle's baby?

-This is from the obsessives from various Lost forums. Ben's van has Rainier-Canton written on the side, which just happens to be an anagram of reincarnation. More confirmation, I suppose, that Locke isn't really dead. The funeral home in which Locke's body was kept, first shown in the season three finale, was named Hoffs Drawler, which is an anagram for flash forward. So these things actually mean something.

- Who were the guys that shot at the Losties? It seems likely that it happened in the future, as the camp was there but abandoned. Here's a crazy theory. Could it be the Oceanic 6? Or, more likely but far more boring, it could be Widmore's men.

- Watching the scene where Sawyer sees Claire giving birth led to another theory. Remember those whispers we heard in the jungle back in the first season quite regularly and more sporadically since? Wouldn't it be awesome if the whispers are the people time-travelling throughout the island?

- What is going to happen once Locke reaches the Orchid station? Here's my take on it. He's going to turn the wheel and wind up in the present day (the present day for the Oceanic 6, that is). The terrible things that happened after the Oceanic 6 left which, Jack told Ben in the season four finale, is why they must go back, must be the nosebleeds. But I have to admit I have no idea why Locke dies and why he is known as Jeremy Bentham. Episode six of the season is called 'The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham' so not too long now before we get answers.

- Who sent Sun the gun and surviellance photographs and who is she working with? And why does she want to kill Ben? Also, who is trying to capture Sayid? Whoever it is obviously doesn't want to kill him as they keep trying to shoot him with tranquilizers and not bullets.


Anonymous said...

love reading this blog, but refuse to get lost in the televisionic wormholes.
I dread these posts; they've lost all vigour.

please help,

yours sincerely.

bubs said...

I understand the Lost posts appeal to a very small subset of our readership (two people, it seems). If enough people object to them, I'll stop writing them. Let's say another four people. said...


Here's a tip - close your eyes and scroll up/down. Voila! You avoided the Lost post. I personally love the commentary, so please keep writing Bubs.

Miles' is def Dr. Candle's baby - but think about Farraday's hint that the nosebleeds are connected to longevity on the island - why is Charlotte bleeding? Juliet?

There's been talk on the messageboards that Charlotte is Farraday's daughter (since we saw Farraday in the 1950s) - I do not buy that. very creepy in a Luke Skywalker-Princess Leia kind of way.

Anonymous said...

hey man, I'm an asshole sometimes. apologies, I was probably drunk or sometime then. don't stop writing them, I'd hate to be the one triggering counter-creativity in any form; I might just swim back to the archives when I get sucked into inter-televisionic box-sets of Lost precisely 5 months from now, you never know.

close your eyes and scroll up/down

are you really really sure that doesn't involve mastering transcendental meditation? said...


No, I just advise not attempting said scrolling while drunk. May not be successful.

bubs said...

Changing up Pakistan: I don't give much credence to the Charlotte-as-Faraday's-daughter theory because that would be a step too far even for Lost.
In season four Miles had hinted that Charlotte was returning to the island which would explain why she is bleeding. Juliet has also been on the island for some time, certainly much longer than Locke and Sawyer.
I'm also wondering what Bernard and Rose are up to. While I don't necessarily want an entire episode dedicated to them, it would be nice to catch up with them every once in a while.

Kalsoom said...


this episode wasn't as *wow* as the past few, but I think the discovery that Jin is alive was enough for me (although, did anyone really think he was dead? Not me!).

So this week was the first time I really looked at the messageboards (the Wash Post does a great interactive chat the next day - really bad for work productivity) - and people really take things to the next level - Farraday as Charlotte's dad, Alex being both Rousseau and Ben's child, etc. The time traveling aspect was really talked about though - one thing I would like to learn more about is the issue of "constants." Like Penny is Desmond's constant, as we saw last season - is Desmond Farraday's constant?

I tried to propose the idea that Kate was Sawyer's constant, but was shot down by my friends.

Man, even I can't believe how much thought I devote to this tv show.

supersizeme said...

this episode was definitely back to lost-as-we-know-it.
i.e. the sawyer-jake-kate love triangle,jack: that gullible 4year old attitude of his,
sayeed kicking ass (even in his fragile state), ben returning to full-on creep mode.

the nosebleed thing is interesting.

sun, with a gun? knew it!

good to see jin's alive and rousseau is so cherub-like as a youngster, i can't see any similarities between both old and younger rousseau.

this is going to sound weird but i had a strange dream last night (no, not about me) but an amalgamation of grave of fireflies, lost and a touch of prison break. it was pretty damn good, if i was to put it in writing it'd give the lost writers a run for their money, haha!
bottom line; i need a life, dreaming of tv shows and film, tut, terrible.

Ahsan said...

We've done it! We've finally become the destination of choice for drunk blog-surfers! I think we can end Rs.5 now and be happy with ourselves.

MYK said...

I fucking HATE Rose and Bernard. I really really hate those two. Inf act, I may even be able to tolerate Bernard now and then because he does a good "frantic guy" act. But i hate Rose and how she channels Morgan Freeman into her crap "im so wise and worldy" performance.

My question is this: If Rousseau met Jin when she was younger, wouldnt she have remembered him later on when they met in the first couple of seasons? Or does time not work like that?

Also, when Locke and Juliet asked Sawyer why he didnt go up to Kate when she was delivering Claire's baby, why didnt he just say: "because the producers of this show, when originally shooting the Kate-Claire scene, forgot to inset a little segment where Kate sees me in the trees and nods in acknowledgment."

MYK said...

Srap my question. I just remembered, when Rousseau first met the Oceanic survivors, she hadnt met Jin in the past yet. If she was still alive now, i guess it would suddenly come back to her. Kind of the way Desmond suddenly remembers meeting Faraday outside the hatch since the memory hadnt taken place while Desmond was still on the island.