Friday, February 20, 2009

Lost Season Five: Episode 6

In many ways this week's Lost was extremely predictable. We knew that some or all of the Oceanic 6 would make it back to the island; hell it's been obvious since the season three finale nearly 2 years ago. Yet '316' was filled with enough suspense and new questions to be among the better episodes of this season. And we got a classic Ben performance.

- Nice callback to the opening scene of the first ever Lost episode. Jack stranded alone in the jungle before he hears a voice calling for help. This was an episode for the old-timers as we got plenty of echos to the first season.

- There were some great touches as the Oceanic 6 (now Oceanic 5, but more on that later) tried to recreate the events that lead to the crash of Flight 815. We had Locke as Christian Shepherd, Sayid taking Kate's place as he was escorted onto the place in handcuffs, Jack arguing at the check-in counter about a coffin as he did when he was taking his father's body back to LA, Hurley carrying a guitar just like Charlie did and even Ben mimicking Hurley's late arrival.

- We didn't learn too much about the two other passengers but you can be sure they will have a significant role to play. The woman escorting Sayid is played by Zuleikha Robinson of Rome fame and the guy who commiserated with Jack over Locke's death is played by Said Tuaghmaoui. Apart from sharing a name with Mr Jerrah, Tuaghmaoui was also in the movie Three Kings, where he played a torturer for the Saddam Hussein regime. I bet that's the only reason the Lost guys cast him. Chances are these two are Widmore's men although they could just be Ben's henchmen.

- So, where the hell is Aaron? My guess is that Kate didn't want to bring him back to the island, so she dropped him off with the one person she could trust. If, as most people speculated at the time, what Sawyer whispered in Kate's ear as he jumped off the helicopter was that she should find his daughter Clementine, it is possible that Aaron has a new playmate. Or he could have been killed. Really, anything's possible.

- Who or what convinced Hurley, Sayid and Kate to go back to the island? I don't know about the latter two but I wouldn't be surprised if Charlie's ghost told Hurley to go back to the island.

- Ben got off some great lines this episode, none better than his reply to Jack's question, "How can you be reading?" Ben's retort: "My mother taught me." Given that his mother died in childbirth, it's obvious that the bugger can't stop lying even in the most inconsequential situations.

- Lapidus really needs to get his beard back.

- Here's what everyone wants to know: did Ben kill Penny? I'm going to so no because I can't contemplate the show without Desmond and Penny. I'm sure Ben tried but I hope Desmond beat the crap out of him.

- Interesting that Ben was reading James Joyce's Ulysses on the plane. Ulysses is hugely influenced by Homer's Odyssey, in which the main character remains faithful all his life to a woman named Penelope. I knew that English degree would come in useful someday.

- Back when the Faraday, Sawyer and the others moved into the future and found the raft, there was a water bottle with the Ajira Airways logo. Which just happens to the airline the Oceanic 5 were flying. I guess this means the Losties are now shooting at each other. Or there were other people on the plane (Widmore's men?) who want them dead.

- Why did Jin not recognize Jack, Hurley and Kate? Is he working undercover for the Dharma Initiative and he didn't want to have his cover blown? Or is this some time travelling kink?

- Finally, something uber-geeky I learned from the forums. This episode was titled '316' after the number of the flight the Oceanic 5 took. They would never have taken the flight had it not been for John Locke. Do you know what John 3:16 says? "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." Make of this what you will. John Locke as Jesus, Locke and the other's getting eternal life or just a load of bullshit. Your guess is as good as mine.



Kalsoom said...

Bubs, I think Jin DID recognize them - wasn't there a small smile on his face once he realized who they were? I guess we'll see next week, but his Dharma clothing may explain the first scene in the season premiere we saw with Farraday. Also, do you think that Mrs. Hawking's reference to a very smart man who figured out a way to find the island meant her son Daniel?

I read about the 316 biblical reference, but did you also see how it could also be a reference to the Chronicles of Narnia? Apparently page 316 in the Narnia collection was the beginning of the chapter called, "The Island." There's also apparently a lot of parallels that can be drawn between Prince Caspian and Lost - like the lost/dethroned prince trying to get back to his kingdom? (Also interesting that one of the recent episodes about Aaron was called, "The Little Prince."

Apparently, I'm uber-geeky too! Good episode, though.

Super said...

You two uber-geeks need to tell me where you find this kind of stuff, I keep repeating the same questions after every episode.

The biggest highlight for me was hearing Desmond say ''brother'' again. Booyakasha!!

I was thinking Aaron may have been left with Sun's daughter; when Sun's on the phone with her mother (?) she says something along the lines of ''you will have a new friend, called Aaron'' or something along those lines. But certainly Kate's behaviour around Jack was strange.

Also, when Bug Eyes runs into a problem, he is in some dock area, could it be he paid a visit to Penny and Desmond? If of course they came in their loveboat across the Atlantic?
If so that would explain the theme of the book he was reading about this Penelope character.

Super said...

Erm, I mean when Sun's daughter is put on the phone, her mother Sun assures her she will be returning soon and with a new friend for her, and the focus falls on Aaron. I'm sure you'd get what I mean anyway.

This mix of Sci-fi and religion is brilliant, it adds depth and meaning to the show, which could easily have strayed into brainless drama, but I'm going to keep mum on this. Wouldn't want to speculate too much, I prefer to let myself be surprised on this topic.

Agreed, Lapidus needs his beard.

bubs said...

Kalsoon: Jin may have recognized them; there was some sort of weird facial twitch at the end that I can't decipher. But we probably won't find out next week. The next episode is called 'The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham' so it'll probably just show what happened after Locke moved the wheel to his death.

Nice one with Narnia. Charlotte's character (full name Charlotte Staples Lewis) is a CS Lewis reference so they obviously have him in mind.

Super: I doubt Aaron is with Sun's daughter. Kate would have had to sent him to South Korea for that and I don't think she knows anyone who she could send him with.

Kalsoom said...

Super: I read the Washington Post analysis and discussion thread every Thursday - not to mention one of my best friends is the ultimate Lost fan. We watch virtually every episode together and he insists on discussing it the minute the show is over!

Bubs, oh yes I read about the Charlotte thing. Also the fact that CS Lewis has a lot of Christian/biblical references as well is interesting now that we can really see the religious analogies with Lost.

Super said...

thanks kalsoom! will check those out.
just a little late speculating... i don't think the return of the oceanic 5 will help much, they may have got back on the island but remember locke said something about a possibility of seeing their own selves from another time slot? it could be they've bumped into jin from another time (not years back but like months back). the mystery i'd like to see unravelled next episode is WHEN have the oceanic 5 (or 3) arrived?