Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Meet Dr. A.Q. Khan...Through His Website

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. It appears our favorite nuclear-materials peddler has a website (via ArmsControlWonk). Please check out how his "About" page begins:
As arrow of time moves, the Will of God prevails and is focused on the emergence of humans endowed with exceptional intellectual capabilities and creative abilities. Such are the men who, by their good deeds, fulfill the edict of God, as revealed in the Holy Qurran:

"I have created man in the best of forms." (Al Qurran; Surah 95; Ayah 04)

By their deeds and actions such persons, though not prophets, demonstrate that they are an extension of the will of the transcendental. These are the people, who are destined to make history in the elevation of nations. Such is the personality of Dr. Abdul Quadeer Khan, who was born in Bhopal on April 1, 1936, which corresponds to the Hijri era 1355, Thursday 15th Rajab. As the time has unfolded itself, the Godly qualities enshrined in the words "Quadeer" and "Ghafoor", symbolized in the names of Dr. Abdul Quadeer Khan and his father, Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Khan, have raised the Pakistani nation to new heights in high technology.

Not to mention, high fashion.

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AKS said...


What a wonderful, informative site with neat tidbits of information. For example, did you know that the eminent professor is Chairman Governing Body, of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Karachi - they certainly couldn't find a better person for the job.

This is exactly what the Doctor ordered. Thank you Dr. Nazeer Ahmad for this gem.