Monday, February 02, 2009

Meet the Women Who Will Defeat the Taliban

Dawn reports:

Three women have been accused of abusing a 30-year-old waiter of an eatery in Clifton.

The victim, Khalil Hussain, son of Hussain Bux, alleged that three women, one of them middle-aged and the others in their early 20s, came to the eatery at Neelam Colony, a locality in the Boat Basin police limits, at around 11.30pm on January 27 and placed an order for food.

He said the middle-aged woman, who was in the driving seat, asked him to get into the car on the pretext that she wanted him to see her residence so that he could deliver the food there.

The man, hailing from Bahawalpur, alleged that on their way the women offered him burfi, a traditional sweet, and he became unconscious after eating it.

He stated to the police that he found himself tied to a bed when he gained consciousness.

The man said the women kept him in their custody for four days and sexually assaulted him several times. He said he was sedated during the captivity and was unable to move his limbs.

I have just one question for these women. Did they not consider just asking the guy if he was interested in a menage-e-quad? Most 30-year-old men would kill for the opportunity, particularly in Pakistan.


Ahsan said...

Well done, Khalil Hussain. After being nabbed by gangsters for failing to pay your gambling debts, did you really have to come up with this elaborate a story to get out of trouble with your wife?

supersizeme said...

Everything about this piece is just outrageous! And I really shouldn't be laughing either.

Citizen X said...

Maybe we need to start "Men Rights"

Hades said...

Dude, they really wasted him. He's pissing blood due to "mutiple discharges". Ouch!

Question: Can a woman really do zabardasti with a man. I mean, if the chap doens't want to, how'll the lady (lady?) force him?

Tazeen said...

Isn't it necessary for a man to be errr aroused in order to have sex. I mean it can happen unwillingly at times but not where torture is involved. My friend Harris has analysed it quite well, here is his take on it:

"Initial investigations have revealed that the women belong to rich families residing in Clifton" - That's something the middle class men can fantasize about while they masturbate, and in the moments of remorse that follow, they can pray for the Taliban to come and save our society.
From Zia's white paper against the parliament he overthrew, to the bestselling 'Parliament say Bazaar-e-Husn Tak', to the February 14 2006 riots in Lahore - we blame all our problems on the sexual morality of the rich and that is one thing the Jamaat-e-Islami and the ex-communists always agree on. We can overthrow our own versions of Marie Antoinette and welcome the reign of terror in the name of justice, but only years later we will make a Napolean our 'ta-hayaat chairperson' again. "

Majaz said...

A long time ago I heard of this story of a man being gangraped by a couple of teenage girls in a graveyard. I had a hard time believing it then - for mainly the same reason posted by Bubs. They could've picked up any guy from anywhere, all they'd needed to do was bat their eyelashes and open the door to their big expensive car.

lalapathan said...

hahaha.. where does this happen and y it doesn't happen 2 me!...and u r rite ...can a man b raped?...i don't think so..arnt we always horny and wanna b raped...dits like dat guy hit the lottery or somthn....i m sorry its just so funny....i dont even feel bad for the poor chap!

NB said...

You guys (including Bubs) are all assuming his penis was involved, in which case yes, hed have to be aroused in some way for there to be sexual activity beyond heavy petting. Even then, having a hard on isnt consent, (but i suppose there that is still at least arguable).

On the other hand, it is of course entirely possible that the women penetrated him with some object, which he obviously declined to mention in front of the national media. That still counts as a sexual offense.

NB said...

Ah. just read the bit about the multiple discharges. So the Penis assumption is probably a safe one. Still, I dont think he wanted to discharge until he bled, and it doesnt rule out the possibility of penetration as well.

Omar said...

At the risk of sounding holier-than-thou yet again, I find it disturbing that the authors consider male rape to be something funny or something we can be flippant about. Heck its the first time reading fiverupees where Ive actually been disgusted not just by the post, but by the responses that followed.

Sexual Assault is assault and violation of a persons dignity. Rape is not about sexual gratification, it is about power. If this story was about a woman you sure as shit wouldn't be joking about how lucky she got.

the physical violation wasn't enough, you don't take into consideration the social stigma this man will have to live with.

It is usual journalistic practice to not print a victims name in rape cases. but here we have the man's name, age and location being trumpeted through the story.

And while BUBS was trying to be funny, I really don't find anything remotely ticklish about being bound and gagged against your will and sexually assaulted.

And to answer questions from commenters, yes it is possible for a man to reach an aroused state against his will. Male rape and sexual abuse is as real a crime as female rape.

NB said...


Point taken.

bubs said...

Omar: While it is normal not to name someone who is claiming that he/she has been raped, this case is different because the person in question told the story to the media and had no issues with being identified.
I also apologize if you are offended. I suspect the reason all of us are being flippant about this is because we don't believe his story. It really isn't normal for a customer who wants food delivered to first came to the restaurant so they can show the delivery guy where his/her house is. And while my tone, and those of most commentators, might be totally inappropriate, I think Ahsan hit the nail on the head with his theory as to what happened.

Ahsan said...


Actually, I agree with you. I felt kind of weird after writing my comment and weirder still after reading the others. As NB said, point taken and accepted. My apologies to those offended and Khalil Hussain, who until proven otherwise, should be awarded the respect of other victims of violent crime.

Majaz said...

Omar, I agree that there is nothing funny about sexual assault in the least - and yes, we would not have been laughing had this been a woman.

But lemme put it this way. Over 90% of the fatal cases of domestic violence have been women. Most of us have heard, accepted and come to terms with the fact that a woman's story has to have more basis in fact because, simply, of the law of averages. It just happens more.

Even though your comment did make me think that I might have been a bit judgmental in taking it this post with a pinch of salt, you might want to look into the finer details of the news to see whether it is or is not a media stunt or a story gone haywire? Sexual assault of men, while existent, is pretty rare and a case like that, uber-class aunties picking up a roadside Joe for some good old sexual torture, isn't as likely as we may think it is. Unless we're living in some post-WWII German village.

Someone has to note the loops in the story, eh?

Nevertheless, if this story has some truth in it, if this guy happened to go through the torture as reported - then he deserves a lot more than a small media snippet.