Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pakistan in Pictures

The Boston Globe has posted a collection of 40 absolutely stunning photographs from Pakistan. Check them out here.

Photo Credit: Athar Hussain/Reuters


pat1755 said...

Great photos, thanks for the link!

Pat in Texas

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I loved the pictures. However, what made me mad was that this website is American, and to any American viewing these, the first thought that might pop in their head is: "Those backward Pakistanis". Going through some of the comments, this proved to be true. There were only two pictures shot in Punjab, only one in Karachi (excluding the one of the refugee camp), and everything else was either from Balochistan, NWFP, etc. Not that I have any problem with that, but for someone already getting a one-sided view about Pakistan from places such as Fox News, it is important to show the more modern, progressive side too. I understand it was mostly about recent events, but why no pictures from a rally in Lahore? Why no pictures from a concert in Karachi? Why no pictures of iconic places like the Badshahi Mosque, mausoleums of Multan, or Minar-e-Pakistan? The one picture of modern Pakistan was the one with the model (#15), but it was so awkwardly sandwiched between the pictures from Data Ganj Baksh's shrine that it seemed to be more of an indicator of the widening gap between the rich and poor in Pakistan. More like a "oh those elitist rich" picture than a "oh Pakistanis can be culturally progressive too!" Also, all the pictures that had to do with Islam were all about the militants or about the end of Ashura. Wow, what an excellent way to fuel the already Islamophobic movement in the mainstream American press.

Sorry about the rant: just had to let that out.

Ahsan said...


I agree with you on the Khi bit. One in every eight Pakistanis is a Karachiite. It is the commercial and business capital of the country. There was one photo (that I recall) actually from the city. Why was it ignored for picture on top of tribal/NWFP picture?