Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Breaking News: Sri Lankan Cricketers Targeted In Lahore

I am at a complete loss to say something coherent about this right now. But that shouldn't stop you guys. Consider this an open thread on the topic.

UPDATE at 6:00 am GMT: I think I am sufficiently over my initial shock to make a couple of quick points.

First, Bubs reports in comments that a couple of prominent political figures have already blamed India. This is foolish for a number of reasons. First, and most important, nobody knows anything right now, and anyone who pretends to know is lying. Second, it strikes the rational observer as incredibly childish and petty ("You blamed us, so now we blame you"). Third, it is most likely untrue: it is not as if Pakistan finds itself lacking with homegrown militant groups, or does not have sufficient political violence for this to be yet another chapter in our state's morbid history. Fourth, if it is a foreign-based attack -- and I can't emphasize enough how unlikely I deem that scenario -- then it is more likely to have originated from Sri Lanka than India.

The second point I want to make is that whenever incidents like this happen, the nameless and faceless people who lost their lives protecting others always get forgotten (if they were ever remembered in the first place). Reports indicate five policemen died in the attack protecting the convoy. They deserve our thanks.

The third point I want to make is that international cricket is dead in Pakistan for the medium term, at best. Before this incident, defenders of Pakistan's right (privilege?) to host cricket matches used the argument, among others, that claimed that political violence could happen anywhere and that it was a random occurrence. To paraphrase Orwell, it is now clear to the international cricketing world that some acts of political violence are more random than others.

UPDATE at 6:52 am GMT: I recall a conversation I had with AKS in the summer of 2007, immediately after the Lal Masjid attacks. AKS opined that from a strategic/long-term perspective, it might be better if the Lal Masjiders did as much damage as possible. AKS' thinking (at the time; I don't think he subscribes to these views any longer) was that the more Pakistanis see the damage and destruction that is wrought by militants, the more they will appropriate ownership of this war -- instead of calling it "America's war" or something else similarly inane.

I am reminded of that argument today because nothing binds Pakistanis quite like the love of cricket, and if anything was going to convince the majority of pundits, public figures, and average Pakistanis of the threat of capitulation or indifference in this struggle, it would be an attack on cricket(ers). And yet I am willing to bet anything that the prepetrators of today's crime against Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the sport of cricket, will not engender any form of ownership of this war, or any realization of the threat that the state faces from these groups (assuming that the Taliban or one of its offshoots was responsible). Instead, either India or America will be nonsensically blamed, retreats will be made into comfortable preconceived world views, and that favorite machine of Pakistanis will be switched on at full throttle: the conspiracy theory churner.

UPDATE at 7:09 GMT: I am going to try to get some sleep because I have to teach tomorrow morning. I am sure Bubs and AKS will try to keep things rolling as far as coverage on this blog is concerned.

UPDATE at 9:30 pm GMT: I would like to make another quick point on this issue (a point similar to this was made in the comments section). Reading the reactions -- on both news and sport websites and newspapers -- I cannot escape the impression that many observers thought of cricket as a sacred cow; as substantively different from all the other potential targets in Pakistan. "They would never attack sport" went the line. My question, obviously aided by hindsight, is: why? Why did people (including myself) think that athletes were somehow different? If funerals can be suicide-bombed, and girls' schools can be blown up, and political processions can be attacked, and Shia mosques can be destroyed, then why exactly are sports and sports figures a different kettle of fish?

The answer, of course, is that they are not.


AKS said...

6 Sri lankan players are injured. 2 Pakistani cricket officials are being operated. Bullets were shot at them. Geo News

AKS said...

Oh and fuck this country man.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is thank god for both India and Pakistan that we (the Indians) called off our tour. This may probably sound insensitive, but we all feel so vindicated.

Anyway, that is the end of international cricket in Pakistan.


adeel said...

yep, good thing we still have football to watch right? poor sri lankans, only ones nice enough to give us a break and they get screwed...

Omar said...

So the Punjab government has issued a statement saying that the Sri Lankan team got caught in a crossfire between two landgrabbing gangs.

Oh phew... for a moment there I was worried. We can chill now.

bubs said...

Reserve umpire is in critical condition. One Sri Lankan player was shot in the chest and one in the leg. India has already been blamed. Sheikh Rashid and Raja Riaz of the PPP have already blamed India.

pakistani said...

i am full of shame today

Aditya Sehgal said...

Did someone just said "India has been blamed". Please refer http://fiverupees.blogspot.com/2008/11/mumbai-attacks-pakistan-angle.html

So, I guess its two way then. Its a sensitive issue so I want say anything more. However, India did provide proof backed by FBI. I feel sorry for Sri Lanka.They are just the innocent by-standers in all this.

Ahsan said...


I can't help but share your despair.


Frankly, I agree with you. I shudder to imagine the fall-out if these were Indian cricketers, not Sri Lankan.


Yes, and it's not a mistake they're going to make any time in the near future.


Rubbish. Please tell me you're not being serious. Landgrabbing gangs don't have that type of ammunition.


Not sure what your point is. No one here blamed India. In any event, I too feel very badly for the Sri Lankans.

Basim said...

why was their bus in liberty market? if the team stayed at PC, then liberty market comes after gaddafi stadium. liberty market is roughly a little under 5 minutes from gaddafi, and i don't understand why they would drive there.

wasay said...

apparently everyone is out of danger now. no critical injuries.

Asfandyar said...

wasay: I wouldn't quite say that. The attackers are still on the loose in lahore.

Also, just calls to mind Imran Khan and what he said about the BCCI's decision to not send the Indian team over; that militants want the public's sympathy, so they wouldn't attack a cricket team.


Raza said...

I'm really looking forward to all the creative ways media/pundits/politicians will try to blame everyone BUT homegrown terrorists. So far the blame India camp includes side show freaks Hamid Gul and ex Test batsman Mohammed Yousaf ("jinhon nay yeh hamla kia hai woh pakistani nahi ho saktay). The blame America camp isn't as popular yet, but as we speak, conspiracy theories about Jews are being hatched in drawing rooms all across Pakistan.

bubs said...

The news channels are also reporting that the Sri Lankan team bus was taking a different route every day. This would explain why they were at Liberty Chowk. But the fact that the gunmen were waiting there for the cricketers is very scary as it would indicate they had inside knowledge.

Majaz said...

Who gives a CRAP where they were?!?! The idea is that they were attacked and this should NOT have happened.

I just don't know what to say. Everything Pakistani has been facing the worst of downward spirals. The money, the people, the society, the media, the safety of its people ...


Is there anything left to hope for? Or do we give up hope and run for our lives while we still can?

I can see the history books of 2090.

"Pakistan .... 14th August 1947 ... due to cultural divides, militant Islam and the inherent lack of a strong political infrastructure .... dissolved on 25th December 2040."

lala pathan said...

@ asfandyar
what IMRAN KHAN said was true no pakistani wud attack a cricketer like ahsan mentioned cricket is 1 thng that unites pakistan so may be its not the work of militants ...who knows but innocent ppl died dats sad and srilanka has its own war going on ..who knows it could be a part of dat since 1 can roam freely in pakistan and amuunition is available like groceries so it might hav been easier for some 1 to target srilankans in pakistan then even in srilanka.(TTE)...or it cud be RAW since we have known in the past every time some thing happens in pakistan or india a silmilar kind of incident happens in the other place...whoi knows..1 thing is for sure cricket is dead now in pakistan so there will be more unemployed men looking for jobs...

zeyd said...

Yeah...I dunno, I just don't know. I suppose I'm angry, but it's beyond that. Way beyond cynicism too.

I don't know.

AKS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AKS said...

Update 10:25 GMT

The Sri Lankan team which was meant to leave has still not left as Samraweera has started bleeding again, doctors are not giving him the go-ahead to travel at this moment. The rest of the team has refused to travel without him. They are now scheduled to travel at 15:30 GMT.

8 people are dead including 5 policemen.

It is a unanimous thought echoed by all and sundry, Shireen Mazari to Imran to Hamid Gul to various PPP officials and hosts on tv, etc., that Pakistanis were not behind this attack.

On a side note, I just finished a long meeting with various pharma executives and government officials, the main man there is a friend of Gill and sits on the cabinet. Out of 14 people, Khalid Mehmood (I'll name him because he deserves it) and I were the only people who were willing to accept that Pakistanis were behind it. In fact KM got so irritated that he got into a heated argument with the rest of the attendees and told them that it was this denial and their worship of the likes of Zaid Hamid that will never enable us to tackle this situation. Hats off to KM.

The cabinet member looked in amusement and launched into a long diatribe about how India hates us, has done so for 1400 years and will always be our enemy (Bangladeshis hate us too, always have and always will).

The topic turned to the Indian pharmaceutical industry, the cabinet member again interjected and stated that the reason why Indians succeeded was because they were united, fair enough, but he topped this up with this: Pakistanis are divided and they are jealous of each other, Indians are cunning, but most of all they aren't jealous of each other because they are all black and ugly. My grandparents are from South India you fucking prick is what I should've said, instead I just looked at my writing pad. With such bigoted and racist people in positions of power is it any wonder that we are in this quagmire? When our leaders and our people have such a warped sense of reality, should it really surprise us that things will get worse ?

I want to reiterate this point - at the meeting there was a cabinet member, 4 CEOs, 2 top lawyers, 2 officials incharge of important govt departments, a few mid-level government officials; everyone highly educated and most had traveled extensively and yet apart from KM and I, there was no one who was even willing to consider for more than a fleeting second that Pakistanis were behind this act or that generally Pakistanis are behind the terrorism / militancy that is destroying this country.

Talk about having your head in the sand. To quote Karachi Khatmal, we are a harami people. We are also a stupid and bloodthirsty people, responsible for killing our own people - be it through naughty drones or suicide jackets. We have also perfected the art of implausible deniability and suspended all reason. These killings can't end until the latter changes, which is why I'd told Ahsan that maybe we needed something to shock us, but as is evident after BB's murder, countless suicide bombing, Swat, S. Waziristan, the Marriott bombing and now this attack, we are incapable of being shocked into reality; so deeply are irrationality and mysticism embedded in our psyche.

I wait to hear what hahahaha has to say. America did it? Or maybe western slaves like me are the real culprits.

I almost forgot, one of the talking heads on tv (I forget who) has stated that this was a result of India signing some sort of trade deal with Israel. What? Of course, because terrorists are so well versed in ongoing bilateral trade negotiations; or maybe I misinterpreted what he meant, perhaps a complot against Pakistan was part of this MOU - now that makes perfect sense!

AKS said...

"Pakistan will not host any World Cup matches in 2011 unless things change dramatically." ICC

AKS said...

Sufi Mohd. has decided that today is an ideal day for him to hold a press conference and demand that the government not renege from its agreement and impose Shariah in Swat at once.


Anonymous said...

@AKS - Pakistan needs more open minded people like you.
On second thoughts is this deniability because of fear of personal harm or a jingoistic feeling or these guys are simply stupid

Asfandyar said...



I think we'll be echoing karachikhatmal's wise words - that we're all haramis - for an age and then some.

Rabia said...

well bubs to give salman taseer credit, he's the only one blaming LeT or the same group that perpetrated Mumbai. But that's mainly because everyone else in Punjab is blaming him.

AKS said...

@ anon 1141

Thanks. I guess its a volatile combination of jingoism, ignorance and stupidity. The people I met today weren't in danger of being personally harmed for expressing their views. These are views that they hold - i.e. American / Israel / black Hindus want us destroyed / want our nukes / want to use us as a front in an imminent war against China.

@ Asfand


@ Rabia

I was thinking the same thing. But I've just heard him give another telephonic interview and he too seems to be heading over to the 'India is responsible' side of the fence. He said something like, while it is not right to say at this moment that India is responsible, the attack is similar to the attack on India.

Maybe I'm being cynical, but when he said that its too early to blame India it was exactly what he was doing. For him to do so would make political sense, don't you agree?

AKS said...

This is how 'hearts and minds' change:

"I don't think international cricket should return to this country. I won't be coming back here while I'm still living, there is no chance." - Dominic Cork

This is the Dominic Cork who had been mingling with ball boys and filling out lucky draw coupons (right in front of us!) and who over the past few weeks had been advocating all cricketing teams to come to Pakistan. His rationale was that if the Sri Lankans, the umpires, tv crew and I can come here, so can you.

fanta said...

It is an absolute disgrace. I am still pretty speechless at his incident.

i hold no views as to who is behind this attack. however, people who believe that pakistanis couldnt have perpetrated this attack are just too naive for their own good. the love of cricket binds us? bullshit. there is no love in a largely desensitized populace.

people like zaid hamid: are the experts at concocting very interesting conspiracy theories. i wouldnt be surprised if he hatched on up, blaming either israel, the jews or the americans. as if they even KNOW what cricket is. as if sri lanka even makes a blip on their radar.

fact of the matter is, it is very very possible that this attack originated within the boundaries of the land of the pure. international cricket is dead, punjab has taken another cannonball to the chest. im willing to bet my left nut that the political parties (i.e. pml(m) and ppp) are gonna use this for political mileage. ppp = "the governor raj should continue because the situation is dire". pml(n) = "adliya bahaal karo... yehi pakistan ke mafaad mein hai"


p.s.: sorry for repeating most of the views already expressed here. just wanted to get this outta my system.

p.p.s.: good one, oba bhai!

supe said...

sincere commiserations over this to the sri lankan team, they really had balls to come out to play like that. it would've have been the perfect ''up yours'' to england and india for pulling out on us (wise move). alas, this is how things were to end up.
i'm nevertheless relieved there were no sri-lankan fatalities and hope they get home safely.
very, very unfortunate for the policemen who died protecting the team and an extremely shitty (er?) time for the pakistani cricket team.
whoever the perpetrators are, they don't like pakistan getting any love and recognition on an international scale, they didn't have a problem with a good many shows that have been going on in the country otherwise (hope i don't jinx them by saying that), but like rafi peer - throw in some international guests and boom! we screw both us and our guests up.
it's so easy to blame foreigners in these cases (which is probably what these bas___rds want). i agree with you guys, this is homegrown.

Anonymous said...

Game is Up .....Pakistan is doomed. Pakistan should seek international help. This is a very very serious situation. Nukes could now easily go in the hands of despotic demagogues and they will not hesitate to use it against their own people and secondly against India. Time is right for India to act.

Ray Lightning said...

Never give money and guns to anyone without any accountability. And most of all, never give money and guns to "dicks".

This is the most important lesson that Pakistani establishment should learn, unless it is too late already.

Kishore said...

I am Indian working with Pakistani friends in Middle East, and now I must say that democracy (in the present form) doesn't work for Pakistan. They need another Musharraf to get cracking at terror, et all.

Rabia said...

Kishore, your reaction confirms why Pakistan will never escape from military rule.

Kanishk said...

With the divisive ideaology that formed Pakistan, this day was just waiting to happen.

It's a sad day. Hope Pakistan can break free from the circumstances of its birth.

Asfandyar said...


can he be blamed? or can we - for wanting a Musharraf-esque figure?

Pakistani society has seemingly always been in a malaise. Partly through our own fault and partly through the political and military elite, we don't seem to be largely bothered with playing an active role in politics.

That's why democracy isn't much of a difference. It's the same thing in different guises. Your average, educated pakistani doesn't use what democracy offers us enough. So, we instead look for singular figures to deal us out of our mess.

Doesn't mean it's wrong though - and I certainly don't agree that we need another Musharraf or military rule. Well, not yet anyway. :\

AKS said...

Imran Khan has been interviewed by BBC, Sky News and CNN.

And who does Mr. Khan
hold responsible? The government of course. Apparently this 'prominent political leader' is now also a security expert who is best placed to comment on "security lapses."

I wonder if Mr. Khan will ever hold Islamist terrorists / militants responsible for various acts committed in Pakistan? I'm certainly not holding my breath.

Ray Lightning said...


The problem is exactly the Pak military. Giving more powers to such a secretive organization at the expense of the civilian government is dangerous.

And Musharaff, it is during his reign that militancy has taken root. He (or no military man) is a foolproof solution to Pakistan's problems.

AKS said...

Interesting article in Harretz.

"As in Israel, Pakistan sports fans will pay price for terror"


Rabia said...

asfandyar, you're right, it's pointless to blame outsiders, especially indians who have the most to lose from instability and terrorism, for supporting someone like Musharraf.

As for Pakistanis, well I was reading this account in the Munir report last night about the first martial law in Punjab 1953 following the anti Ahmadi riots. Someone described how smoothly the army operated compared to the corrupt and inefficient civilian rule. You're correct, the army merely stepped in when politicians were unable and unwilling to govern the country. The question really is though, if the country is ungovernable except by a nuclear proliferating, terrorism sponsoring institution, where are we to go from here?

Anonymous said...

AKS- I have read somewhere that 'A person does not build character during a crisis, he\she reveals it.' I just wanted to commend you for your courageous yet commonsense stance that lets stop fooling ourselves by playing the blame game and seriously do something to fix our problems. Pakistan needs more unbiased and open minded people like you.I sincerely applaud you.

disktop said...

What makes me sad, is the speed with which people in both our countries (I'm Indian) jump to blame each other for every single incident.

It is just tragic that sports has been made so explicitly political. Sports is political, no doubt - but mindless, meaningless acts of violence in the arena of sport makes the world a much poorer place.

Anonymous said...

By a attack against the Sri Lankan players, terrorists have not attacked cricket. They have attacked our culture, our religion and our lifestyle. Cricket is the culture and religion of a vast majority of the people on the subcontinent, which is not acceptable to these terrorist groups.

naqiya said...

i don't know if i have anything meaningful to add to the discussion just yet, but i will say this: i feel just has hopeless/helpless as most of you do. aks, as you said, instead of taking ownership of our country we are so busy pointing fingers at others that the problems are never really tackled straight on.

maybe tomorrow i'll feel hopeful again.

be safe everyone.

adeel said...

sigh someone needs to land a cricket bat on that populist bile spewing imran khan's face

Anonymous said...

it's time for people of pakistan to get on the streets and start demanding action from the government instead of sympathising with it(remember what happened in mumbai,the anger was against government rather than the terrorists).

Start questioning the peace deal with taliban,the terror camps(freedom fighters.. as u say !!) in pak occupied kashmir
The sloppy media who doesn't see the constant flip flops of its government eg Your government wants " drones " which were said to "counter productive" by your prime minister.

Lastly i am scared in india if my neighbour in future might be taliban rather than pakistan !!


Ashwin Ramaswamy said...

Pakistani citizens must openly raise their voices against terrorism and must demand action against the terrorists

- Ashwin Ramaswamy , India

Ashwin Ramaswamy said...

Why are the timings on each post 5 1/2 hrs behind IST ? is it according to Greenwich Meridian ?

Indophile said...

This was from Nadeem Paracha a while back I am pasting the relevant part below -


"I read a rather amusing statement by Imran Khan. He enlightened us by saying that foreign cricket teams shouldn’t worry about touring Pakistan because the jihadis will never attack a cricket match or a cricket team. Why? Well, according to the great Khan, “because cricket is a very popular game among the people of Pakistan!”

Since the angry mujahideen are so fond of blowing up girls’ schools, hotels and CD shops and randomly killing hundreds of fellow Pakistanis, is Imran’s statement also suggesting that consequently, education, recreational activities, and more so, the concept of preserving and respecting human life, are not popular in Pakistan? This boggles the mind."

Thats the whole point expecting terrorist to behave rationally is as stupid as it gets.

Ashwin Ramaswamy said...


Imran Khan believes in radical fascist Islam . He once supported the stoning of a small boy in Pakistan by Shariah law for a very minor crime ; always brought up Kashmir issue while commentating ; and called Pakistan's victory in 1992 world cup "a victory of Islam ". I would not be surprised if he approves of surrendering to Taliban " in order to get peace "

Anonymous said...

Am I sick for feeling in a secret sick way, really happy now that you wonderful people from the land of the very pure are facing such problems?
You butchered so many millions and ironically your ancestors were butchered by that atrocity and joke called as Islam...now you are paying the ultimate price for following the religion of peace...do enjoy your time on earth, until sufi mohamed kicks your beautiful round asses. (oh wait he already has)

naqiya said...

@anon722: yes.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Pakistan cricket. And this incident is indeed sad for the such a great team. Having said that, I am sure there will be lot of like minded people in Pakistan who would want to get an answer to why this incident took place. I would be really glad to see a grand scale public questioning and raising of voices by citizens.

No doubt this incident is a dark spot in Pakistan's history. However, the only positive that Pakistanis can get from this is if they start finding the right culprits and making sure that these "dirts" are cleaned forever. Government of Pakistan has to pro-active and answerable.

I still feel that there are a lot of things in Pakistan that are way too secretive. I hope this incident will result in more transparency as a result of strong public pressure.

Woz said...

I find it troubling that it looks like an inside job, and that many Pakistani's (of various political persuasions) cannot accept that responsibility lies internally and instead blame India/RAW, the Zionists, the Yanquis, Oprah, etc.

But I also find it disturbing that several of the commenters take a perverse pleasure out of slamming Islam, Pakistan and god knows that else. This leads me to two thoughts:

1. Nobody listens to you or values your opinion, so you hide behind some pseudonym and rant like a jerk. Of course, this is your right under a democracy. People in your own country died for it, so why not use it wisely, eh? After all, you only have one brain cell and it would be a shame to let it burn out.

2. Stones & glass houses????? As just one example, India has its own problems - caste system, treatment of minorities, etc. All of South Asia is a mess.

But then, that jars with your view of a black & white world, doesn't it, assholes?

I feel sorry for Pakistan, and feel ashamed. But I also feel ashamed of some of the people who have posted some comments - they are not well-adjusted human beings.

But I wish the motherland didn't keep on electing several shades of illiterate fuckwit to public office.

Peace, Wasim.

Anonymous said...

@ Woz - why does every Pakistani always bring up the alleged mistreatment of minorities in India in response to serious questions about their own country?

Yes, India has witnessed several riots, massacres in the past, but it still remains a largely peaceful and tolerant nation. A clumsy but functioning democracy has provided the people with a voice, and a system wherein people from any religion, caste etc can go on to fully realize their potential. I could point you to Indian oscar winners (yeah!), presidents, cricketers, actors, writers, poets, politicians, diplomats, nobel laureates who are members of the supposedly persecuted minorities.

This brings us to another important question. Why is there a certain degree of schadenfreude among some indians today? Pretty easy to guess - three months ago we all watched as Bombay was hit hard. We told the whole world where the problem originated from, despite repeated denials, ridicule from the Pakistani Government. So to now see a similar attack (however sad) is simply a vindication of India's stand that Pakistan is today the hub of international terrorism.

To all those conspiracy theorists - India doesn't need to send in RAW or whatever to 'defame' Pakistan. You guys are doing it yourselves.

Anonymous said...

This sick mofo of a country er Geographical expression called as Crapistan deserves what it is getting...I say let Osama get a hold of those bombs they have and use it to finish Islam in S Asia..Islam is a joke...it needs to end period...Fight and oppose Islam not because it is a religion but because it isn't...schadenfreude..yeah and am I loving it...damned now I want to remove the tube that supports these bastard crapistanis and finish them once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Guys, this is not the place and time for pointing fingers at each other and blaming each other. This is a sad moment for cricket and for Pakistan.Can't we express same solidarity and support to our friends from Pakistan as they did during Mumbai attack. This incident could have occurred anywhere- be it India, Bangladesh or SriLanka.This incident has again exposed the horrific truth that whole South Asia has become vulnerable to terrorism.Lets get united and fight terrorism together.

fanta said...

why do i find myself smiling when i read the lovely and supportive comments made by our indian commentators.

yeah, gotta hand it to you folks. i wish i was as tolerant as you guys.

Anonymous said...


bubs said...

Here's what Shahbaz Sharif had to say about today's attack: Had Zardari's adminstration not spent all their time planning how to buy up enough MPs to form their own government in Punjab, this might never have hapenned."

I cannot even begin to express my disgust at this.

prashant said...

I am an Indian, and want to understand Pakistani side without reading/listening/watching an(a) article/documentary/video.

who is a good man :-
1> A Taliban who wants Islam as law of land, any how?
2> A doctor from India who saves a Pakistani life?
3> A Pakistani female wins Miss Universe?

fanta said...

@ prashant

your questions aren't even relevant mate.

prashant said...


May I know why? isn't exactly the (toughest) question Pakistan facing today?

Kanishk said...

Only an idiot would blame Islam in this situation.

The problem is with the genesis of the state of Pakistan itself. An exclusivist ideology which somehow makes Muslims a separate nation just because they are Muslims is a horrible, horrible way to found a nation. The poor Pakistani is suffering because of it.

Look at Indian Muslims. Or for that matter look at Bangladesh. You won’t find them blowing up girl’s schools, killing Mirzaees or shooting visiting cricketers.

Let us hope, God gives enough good sense to our brothers from across the border to come out of the circumstances of their birth.

Peace said...

I am just amazed at how we take this or any such opportunity to be divided between India and Pakistan. Earlier it was some crazy defense analysts and newspaper journalists blamming India, Zionists and BJP for the Mumbai blasts and then i saw this poll posted by AKS where majority of paki netizens( who I thought might be more matured) believe that it is not pakistan but India and the elements in India who created the mumbai tragedy. My heart goes to Pakistan and its people , because i think its high time that they realise that the problem lies within their society. I am not sure if it is religion, but for sure it is the hatred for India and anything associated with India that blinds the people there and stops them from doing an introspection. I had seen Zaid Hamid talking about how India is becoming a lawless state and how it will fall into anarchy, and I just could not stop myself having a hearty laugh at his wish. I just could not understand what would happen to a country if you had defense analysts like that who spoke like a Taliban spokesperson. I live abroad and have many Paki friends who pray that it is not their countrymen who are involved everytime they hear of a terrorist attack in any part of the world.

I should tell you my paki friends that you and we in India are not much different and we have similar politicians who make a livelihood selling hatred, but the main difference is that the mass population here in India is not driven blindly by a faith or book. And if not for anything, for pure selfish reasons , no Indian would like to have a Pakistan which slips into anarchy. You guys can do a great favour if you as netizens come together like what we did in India during the Mumbai crisis and drive people like Zaid Hamid out of his business.

Ahsan said...

Alright, we've had a bunch of new visitors to the blog so the mistake is understandable, but let's be clear. I am not AKS. I am Ahsan. I posted the crazy poll, not AKS. The way to tell us apart is that my posts always start with a purple letter, and AKS' with orange. Also, if the post/comment happens to be dripping in anger and sarcasm, it's AKS. If it's insightful and smart, it's me. Just clearing it up for you guys.

lala pathan said...

@ anonymus

wow..bravo mate ..u finally got ur oportunity and grew some balls to let out all the hatred against ISLAM...ur comments are beyond the topic..even on the mumbai topics , when ever it was a pakistani commenting we never say nothn against hinduism which by far is the most stupid thing u guys call religion...blame the ppl of pakistan or the government but don't blame the religion, or r u just happy that u can say all of these hateful things against islam here so dat no one knows u and thuse u won't get ur ass kicked....

Vin said...


I frankly didn't think a pakistani could openly espouse and be so vocal with thoughts like yours. Now I know better.

Seriously, are you safe in pakistan saying things you do?

Hope you and your friends here gain greater space in in all forms of pakistani public discourse.

AKS said...

Thank you everyone for commenting on the post and for the kind words.

@ anon 426

A special thank you for your very kind words.

@ Ahsan

Your timely, adroit clarification is much appreciated. Ass.

@ Blog trolls

Your hateful comments are disgraceful and sad.

Peace said...

oooops sorry Ahsan, i need to get better with my eyes::))

And for you Lala, you are a stand up comedian for me, i come back here to see your comments every time i am stressed out and need some laughter. First of all if you read what i said in "english", then you would find that i meant no insult to any religion. secondly i have much bigger balls and much better used than yours and third i am not here on a fight to figure out which religion is better because for me its a personal choice. and Finally, God save you man for your intollerance to anything which is not your way of thinking.

lala pathan said...

wow...so now u change ur name 2 peace!...who is the comedian now..by the way i am glad to bring some laghter in ur sad life. And lets not talk abt balls here, i am sure urs are bigger since you never get to use them they are probably full of water, i use mine quite often so they are in a good shape.

karachi khatmal said...

i think each person who thinks of themselves as pakistanis should

accept the blame for these attacks
for the mumbai attacks
for the attempted genocide in east pakistan
for the death of BB
for all the dead FC soldiers
for all the blown up schools
for all the dead in Lal Masjid
for all those killed in the Marriot, Wah, FIA, GOR, Karsaz
for all those killed in the nameless tribal ares we didn't know beyond an ancronym until two years ago
for all those killed in 9/11
for all those poets and artists who died silently
for all the jews, hindus, westerners, foreignors, punjabis, mohajirs, pathans, balochis we love to blame
for all the brainwashed population
for all the women raped for honour
for all the wastefulness of 10000 rupee meals in a starving nation
for running generators and pressure pumps
for breaking red lights
for the molestation of our women
for the dead ahmedis, christians and hindus we claim were blasphmising
for all the moulvis and pirs and sahibs and mem sahibas
for lying to the people we love
for abusing religion, and abusing science, and abusing truth
for our deep insecurities

for forgetting how to love

they might have killed cricket.

will we never wake up?

Anonymous said...

I have solid proof that the Lahore attacks were carried out by Pakistanis. First, their faces were not Hindu faces at all; for that matter they were neither Muslim; no, certainly not Sikh, Buddhist or Christian; mmm…no way Jews. Actually if you look carefully they are Taliban faces. And since all Taliban today reside in Pakistan, these are Pakistanis. Now more proof. Look carefully, none of the terrorists has a thread (naada) on their hands. When Indian terrorists attack, they have the thread on their hands to clarify any doubts. No naada (thread) confirms that they are Pakistanis. These terrorists didn’t wear their naadas (just left everything hanging)! And finally if anyone has a question, “What was the pakistan army doing? Where was the army?”, then the answer is: nothing! Look its the most efficient army in the world. Every other army has to hunt terrorists; only the Pakistan army has terrorists walk in to them and give a report. Look at how casually the terrorists get away. The obviously have all the roads cleared by the army and they saunter away for some bhajiyas and pakodas with tea before reporting to the army. Try disputing these facts! Pakistan - Hella U Akhbar!

Anonymous said...

I have solid proof that the Lahore attacks were carried out by Pakistanis. First, their faces were not Hindu faces at all; for that matter they were neither Muslim; no, certainly not Sikh, Buddhist or Christian; mmm…no way Jews. Actually if you look carefully they are Taliban faces. And since all Taliban today reside in Pakistan, these are Pakistanis. Now more proof. Look carefully, none of the terrorists has a thread (naada) on their hands. When Indian terrorists attack, they have the thread on their hands to clarify any doubts. No naada (thread) confirms that they are Pakistanis. These terrorists didn’t wear their naadas (just left everything hanging)! And finally if anyone has a question, “What was the pakistan army doing? Where was the army?”, then the answer is: nothing! Look its the most efficient army in the world. Every other army has to hunt terrorists; only the Pakistan army has terrorists walk in to them and give a report. Look at how casually the terrorists get away. The obviously have all the roads cleared by the army and they saunter away for some bhajiyas and pakodas with tea before reporting to the army. Try disputing these facts! Pakistan - Hella U Akhbar!

Peace said...

lolz@lala, i never knews balls have water:)

I was always Peace and will remain yours lovingly, Peace:)).

Let us save this fight over the trivia for some other time Lala and i am sure we will have more from what i see is happening in this subcontinent:).

Till then Chill and let us focus on the posted topic.

Anonymous said...

Many of you in Pakistan seem to have begun understanding the real issues facing the world and Pakistan too - that is all heartening, but it is not enough - you need to come out in force and protest every time there is an attack in Mumbai or Lahore or Barcelona...the Muslim Street is quick on the draw when it comes to cartoons in some 2 bit newspaper in Europe, where is that street when your butchers murder in Mumbai or London or 911?
Not to already rub salt, but you folks are now getting a taste of your own medicine...surely what you sow will be reaped...this is an ill wind that you sowed and now you are beginning to reap the harvest and how...
I hope many such as you become inspired to fight this fight and overthrow and perhaps bring about much needed renaissance in your religion...you are STILL the children of those who wrote the vedas and the sanskrit shlokas on the banks of the Indus eons ago...Arab pagan customs cannot wipe out those genes from so long ago...you are the children of the rig vedas, though you may not even know nor care for them...put this abhorrent practice of a pagan belief behind you, adopt more moderate practices and throw that bastard arab culture back into the sands of arabia...and start shaving those beards and lifting those veils.

Raj said...

Hello Ahsan,
Thanks for your blog; helps people like me who are too busy to even go to the bathroom.

I used to do armchair analysis back in days when I had enough time to kill. How many hindus got killed, how many muslims were murdered, how certain historical lies are perpetuated to appease minorities. etc, etc.

Point is now I stand at a totally neutral place. I see the asshole in both hindu and muslim. Ethnically, they are brothers, and follow the same social customs and behavior veiled by different religions. I know that Indian Govt is happy seeing this happen in Pakistan. I know Pakistan politicians will blame India. which is but automatic. Blaming India is the seed of creation of Pakistan.

I extend to you and your fellow country men my condolences for the brave men who did their job and hope that these men did not die in vain.

All great civilizations have the ability to absorb setbacks and move on. Pakistan should show to the world that it is a great civilization.

Hope Pakistan has a better tomorrow!

I will definitely check back your blog. Good luck!!

Peace said...

You guys should see this blog if you have not seen it. I am just wondering how many dumb fools might have been dead before one Zaid Hamid was born. He is a total oxymoron.

Take a look at the video,


But what surprises me is not him, but the comments written by the visitors on that page as a response to the video. I am sorry to say this guys, but i see no hope if this is the thinking.

Ahsan said...


I refuse to watch any video or read any views of Zaid Hamid. Refuse to do it. Don't want to subject myself to that, if that's ok with you.

SS said...

Blog owners @

I am an Indian and had visited Lahore during Feb 2006 cricket series. Things have surely worsened since then. Infact, I still cherish the love which was given to us by the common man. At food street, restaurant owner refused to take money when he realized we were Indian’s, in the stadium, lot of people came up to me & took photographs (I was wearing the Indian colors) it was incredible to see the hospitality which was offered to the Indian contingent. We had all come back to Delhi admiring the Pakistani’s generosity.
Now, it’s been exactly.03 years and a visiting team has been attacked in broad daylight and it seems these people are locals. Very shocking indeed…how can things change so radically in 03 years. Where r the common people who made my visit unforgettable…now I wonder if even that warmth was genuine??


Someone who has suffered at the hands of Pak sponsored terrorism said...

Way to go Karachi Khatmal.
While nobody claims Indians are saints either, it is refreshing to see Pakistanis like you. Bravo!

Corey said...

From a Sri Lankan:

Dear All in Pakistan,

Please do not feel sorry for something that you had no possibility of controlling. We, as Sri Lankans, know only too well how you feel. Our tolerance and good-heartedness have been taken advantage of many, many times before, by opportunists.... and we remember the pain we have undergone due to the actions of megalomanic terrorists of the ltte. For us, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are pretty much the same.

Whatever may have happened, we Sri Lankans will never forget how Pakistan rose to help us over and over again, during times of need. Our country (and yours) are unfairly hounded by opportunists and terrorist-paid members of the media. We are trying to rise against a lot of odds, and even during times when our neighbour India could not do anything (due to some of their opportunistic politicians trying to make advantage of the situation), Pakistan has ALWAYS helped us. We Sri Lankans don't forget such things.

So, our Pakistani brothers and sisters, please realize that we Sri Lankans know and understand how you feel... and don't take this too hard. Be strong: Our Leader Mahinda Rajapakse has shown the whole world what strong and resilient people Sri Lankans are... and we are on the very verge of eliminating the ltte terrorism form our land forever! Pakistanis are a classy bunch of people, and Sri Lanka will ALWAYS be with you.

With Best Regards,
Sri Lankans

Bala said...

I(indian) read 2 of your articles, and was surprised to see pakistani bloggers sound like sane ppl (sorry, I just dont have pakistani friends)..may your tribe grow!

I love the flair of pakistani cricket, even though international teams would not be able to visit Pakistan. I think cricket will survive and florish in pakistan.

We, Indians can be silly hot-heads, we do go like "see we told you so"...but I guess you need to trust us, we (india and srilanka) will not allow pakistani cricket to die...i think icc and bcci must sponsor domestic cricket in pakistan for the next 3 yrs ...I am all for it..

I don't buy into this brothers crap...but i do believe there is enough space in this world for all.

Chennai, India.

supe said...

Your comment is heartening. Thanks so much! It's good to see a Sri Lankan's take on what happened.
I've read this comment over several times and been close to tears each time.
Hope we prove just as strong and resilient.

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