Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Five Fun Videos -- One For Every Rupee

I have been very distressed over the last twenty four hours or so, primarily consumed with the future of the Pakistani state and the irresponsible detachment with (and the willful ignorance) of Pakistan's militancy problem by the majority of its citizens and decision-making elite. With that in mind, here are five videos (four of which have been posted before on this blog) that always make me smile, irrespective of how many times I watch them.

In the first, you are admonished to not waste the time, dear.

In the second -- another music video, by the way -- Kermit the frog causes multiple turns in the grave by the late Johnny Cash.

In the third, a reporter tries unsuccessfully to file a report just the way he wants it:

In the fourth, we see that Britain may indeed have talent:

And in the fifth, Argentina treat us to an orgasmic goal:

Readers are encouraged to add their own recommendations of smile-inducing videos in the comments section.


lala pathan said...

I gotta tell u man u have the same taste in football as i do...i love barca and argentina...dat was 1 hell of a goal..just can't watch enough of it

Xeb said...


zeyd said...

One thing dude, 'Hurt' was originally written by Nine Inch Nails. Cash covered it.

AKS said...

Thank you so much. Much needed.

sidrah said...
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sidrah said...

oh wow. this 'don't waste THE time' dood is slick!

can we have HIM as president? please?

bubs said...

Shahbaz Sharif's audition tape for Pakistani Idol:

supe said...

good idea!

damn, youtube's blocked at work but here are some links (that i'd saved elsewhere).

junaid jamshaid singing ''uncle uncle, uncle, eat your supper not cayenne''. is must-watch material:

benny lava just guarantees smiles, &feature=channel

and this arab is a star:

sidrah i couldn't agree more deearrr, i've got the song on mp3 if anyone wants it. haha!

AKS said...

Shahbaz Shariff video is awesome. Thanks, bubs.

Supe, Benny Lava is legendary.

Bruno said...

The fifth one reminds me of that epic Simpsons scene "Back to the wing - back to center - center holds it....."

Ahsan said...


Haan, I know, but I think Cash is the one who made it famous, and Cash is the one being made fun of in the Kermit video.


He couldn't possibly do a worse job than the one we currently have.


Brilliant. I want whatever he smoked.


Thanks for the links.


Haha yes, if you're an American (or a non-football fan), I can see how a connection can be drawn between that goal and the Simpsons lampooning the sport. Wait a minute. Now that I think about it, are you sure that wasn't from Family Guy? My memory is playing tricks on me...

Anonymous said...

There are just some people who have an innate sense on how to make someone laugh and I think Russell Peters is definitely one of them. He is hilarious especially with his imitations and his accents are incredible.He is just too funny. I have watched his show with my cousins and friends in New York and we couldn't stop laughing.His video on arranged marriage and on Indian accents gets me rolling on the floor laughing and tears are coming out. and on Indian accent

Anonymous said...

Russel Peters''s comedy on Bollywood movies.

Kalsoom said...

Oooh, my friend sent this around yesterday. Don't watch it if you're going to call me a harami for laughing at it though:

Anam said...

I can't believe nobody linked to this indian superman and spiderwoman duet. Everyone please note the shadow (in the sky).

The Indian beatles (speaks for itself):

This for the AWESOME dance moves:

The original What What in the Butt which was redone by Butters in SouthPark:

naqiya said...

i know these are a lot. but they are worth your time. i promise. seriously.

stoned kid after dentist:

the always popular charlie:

evil face baby:


will farrell's landlord:

nerds (this one gets more impressive as you keep watching):

supe said...

legendary is best way to put it put it!! xD

don't know if you've heard the cover of it by a bunch of us-korean guys?
here it is anyway; the wtf expressions on the singer guy's face are priceless.

anam, the indian superman thing is pretty whacky, someone commented that they're saying ''do me now superman, do me lady''!
holy moly! i need to start watching some indian cinema!

Anonymous said...

@ Supe - Anam has posted this video for the readers of Five Rupees who most probably don't share your opinion. You can display your love for Bollywood movies or on Indians on your blog.

Anonymous said...

@ Supe - Anam has posted this video for the readers of Five Rupees who most probably don't share your opinion. You can display your love for Bollywood movies or on Indians on your blog.

Aisha said...

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:

Welcome to Youtube:

Lahme (meat)

Hey there Khalila

Arif said...

ahsan - half the country is delusional (about the existential threat to Pakistan from armed militancy) while the other half (aided by the media jehadi's) are appeasers. No amount of counterinsurgency assistance by our 'friends' can help to win this war if the people of Pakistan are not aligned behind it. This is a war we are well on our way to losing.

supe said...

anon; whoever you are, lighten up fool!

Anonymous said...

@ supe- You are pathetic.Instead of wasting time here, why don't you join Taliban and learn better ways to address people.

Raza said...

Pakistan's last hope, the Makraanis:

amir said...

Ray Lightning said...
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Ray Lightning said...
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Ray Lightning said...


Man, check out the Croatian version of Benny Lava.. Has a better flavor than the Korean one in my books :)

Great collection of vids. Lauged my a$$ 0ff, the ones suggested in comments were too good too.

supe said...

thanks ray,
that was pretty damn good! i'm surprised they were able to keep a straight face.
however, i'm sorry, i've grown attached to the hot korean in the blue shorts, it's all about the koreans.

arataster said...

this has possibly been already posted..

Bruno said...


No, that was Simpsons, not family guy, Episode "The Cartridge Family". And yes, I am a European football fan and I do appreciate the brilliancy of that goal, but the constant back-and-forth just triggered that memory; so it induced even more smile than it otherwise would have.

fanta said...

whatEVAAA =p

evil eye baby