Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun Fact Of The Day

In La Liga this year, only one team has scored more goals than the combination of Messi, Eto'o and Henry. That team is Real, with 66. Barca's three up front have 59. No other team has more than 56.

The 6-0 demoilition of Malaga today was an absolute joy to watch, even if it was on a grainy-ass web feed. Malaga are not a joke; promoted this year, they have been challenging for a Champions League spot for months now. But they were simply blown away by the wave-after-wave form of attack Barca have mastered this year. At their best, they simply give you no room or time to breathe. And honestly, 6-0 is a flattering scoreline for Malaga -- it could easily have been 8 or 9. Easily.

Also, FYI, you definitely want to Youtube "Messi Malaga" some time tomorrow.

UPDATE: See how nice I am? I even do your Youtubing for you:

But no, really, Ronaldo is the best player in the world.


shariq said...

That's the most joy I've gotten from a football match in a long time. I advocate FIFA implement a 'Messi rule'. I.e. any defender responsible for a career-limiting/career-ending tackle on Messi be given a life ban. Harsh, but from a utilitarian perspective, totally worth it.

Ahsan said...

Hahaha. That would mean half of La Liga, and the entire Real Madrid and Chelsea teams never play again Shariq. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

adeel said...

lol at the choice of soundtrack

Ahsan said...

Haha, I think it was quite appropriate to be honest.

By the way, is there a greater innovation in sports entertainment than the super duper slo-mo?

JJY said...

Your Messi homerism was beginning to get a little annoying. I'm glad we finally agree on Ronaldo being the best in the world. I mean, did you see his performance this past weekend - he shone at doing what he does best. stupid c*nt.

lala pathan said...

dude! honestly from an independent point of view if u like or know any thng about football then you would know that messi is class act much much better then ronaldo if deep down inside u have some gay ass fantasy about men then i can c y any 1 would think that ronaldo is the best player ..there is no other reason to like him as a footballer unless you are ELTON JON or from sanfransisco..:)

zeyd said...


You mean the fat dude who likes to fuck she-men?

Yeah, Messi's better than him.

JJY said...

lala pathan,

While I should really ignore your comment based on it's utter inanity and the complete lack of intelligence you display, I'm going to do you a favor. Please look up the following, it will serve as an edifying experience:

lala pathan said...

hehehe..watever bro, it landed where i wanted it 2 thats all dat matters, i'm sure u r a wonderful person and all but i do not like any 1 who thinks or says that RONALDO is better player then MESSI.. that shows me the lack of footballing knowlege of that person.....ronaldo is a dirty player who will never be able to play beautiful football like MESSI..hell he can't even play like XAVI or INIESTA or REQUELME...i can go on and on with names here of those who r much much better then cry baby..:)
peace brother!
no offense
if u like ronaldo u should be use to of criticism by now i suppose why get so mad at this 1.

lala pathan said...

my comments r for those who like ronaldo :)i hate that guy with a passion..

JJY said...

haha - no probs bro. i was j/k only. i hate that RONALDO. I am ARSENAL No. 1 fan.

ONly mking jokes on Ahsan.

see this highlight:

THAT is wat DIRTY RONALDO did on wknd. (after 7mnts 35 secs)

GUD to seee we are on same page.

C. Ronaldo said...

Dear Lala Pathan,

I dont know what you have against me since I have yet to do anything to you. Maybe I will show you point wise why I am such a godly player. You see, I will not waste time poking fun of you since that seems to be your MO when you meet people who dont agree with you. Also, your stock insult seems to be to insinuate that others are gay which is very early 21st century. People once believe I was gay, but then I kissed and ploughed Bipasha Basu and now they think the people who call me gay are actually the gay ones.

Anyway Lala Pathan. You also seem like a guy who is not the best when it comes to intelligence. So I will make my point alphabetically, thus teaching you about me AND grammar at the same time.

A - Always scoring goals. I am always.

B - Bad boy. I was responsible for rooney being sent off during WC. Thus I have street cred. What do you have? Gayness.. no sorry. I apologise. I should not have said that.

C - Crazy skills. Have you seem my stepovers? I have even worked stepovers into some of my sexual positions. I accidentally stamped on Bipasha's belly once. SORRY BIPS!

D - Dribbling. I am to dribbling what AKS is to Altaf bhai. Inseperable.

E - Elegant. Unlike you, who is just "elegantly WASTED". Hah. That is an INXS song. So now I have taught you about me, about the alphabet, about popular music AND taken yours all in one paragraph. Also I probably taught you a new word in "elegant". Which leads me to believe that I'm also..

F - Flexible.

H - Handsome. Obviously. You think you can sleep wth Bips? No. Only me and Jon Abraham. Sometimes together.

I - Incest hater. Im very anti incest.

OH! Put "free kicks" in "F" as well. Well I could go on but I think I have made my point.

adeel said...

lads a bit of a tubelight but props for his humility despite zidane's comments and owning the tag of 'talismanic team player and leader'

lala pathan said...

aha..hmm i guess its an honour for me since you (ronaldo ) him self have directed your comment towards me and i would like to respond to that in the same way..
1. goals you score mostly by getting in the way of the ball and the goal..32 out of 42 goals last year were just by luck , being in the right place at the right time..
2..bad boy?..more like a drama queen , cry baby whose acting is no longer tolerable by the refs so u get carded now every time u try to cheat and dive...
3.bipasha basu is a cheap hore who would let me lick her u know wat if i was on t.v
4.oh my god ...u r from the elton jon kind to think that you and jon abraham are handsom..:P ..u shud c me i am much more handome then both of you.:)
5.the only time you show your skills is wen u play at home and wen u r winning by 3 goals cause then fergie won't get mad at you..
6. if you play football for a million more years you still would not be compared in the same class as MESSI...........................................i thinks dats enough reasons for today on how u suck at football...peace :)

Asfandyar said...

lala pathan:

one question, you say Ronaldo scores most of his goals by 'luck' - luck here being that he's at the right place at the right time.

If that is so, then I suppose Batistuta, RVN, Pippo Inzaghi - they're all really really lucky players?

And I'm pretty certain Ronaldo scored more 'non-lucky' goals last year than 10.

He may not be as good as Messi, but the way some of you lot talk about him it's as if he's Wayne fucking Routledge :S

Ahsan said...


Thank you for that comment.


I think Gerrard is more "best leader" than "best player". I mean, I respect the hell out of Zidane and his opinion, but come on: does he ACTUALLY think Gerrard is better than Messi? I mean, is Gerrard even the best player on his own team? Wouldn't both Torres and Mascherano give him a run for that title?


I'm glad you've finally come to concede that Ronaldo is not as good as Messi. As I recall, you did not think so a year or two ago. The only difference between now and then is that Messi (touch wood touch wood touch wood) is fit. Anyway, better late than never.

Asfandyar said...


Begrudingly. Mind you, some part of me always thought Messi was the best - you just have to see the guy play to be honest and your decision's made - but I clung onto the fact that Ronaldo seemed more 'effective'. Plus the whole Messi = god, Ronaldo = reserves player got to me a lot :o

Hope to meet you guys in the Champions League final - if we can make it :|

lala pathan said...

who said pipo is a good player are absolutely right about these guys being at the right place at the right time , thats what a good forward does and so does ronaldo even though he is not a forwrd but since he is selfish he is always up there :).If you actually follow every game you will notice that when ronaldo gets frustrated he starts falling down on purpose in and out of the D so he can get a foul because and i can't believe i am saying this but the only good quality he possesses as a footballer is his FREE KICK..MESSI on the other hand is more of a play maker now , very unselfish and does not ever play dirty tricks like ronaldo...didn't you see the MANUTD LIVERPOOL game, thats what happens to RONALDO or MANUTD WHEN ON A DAY THEY ARE NOT lucky....

Ahsan said...

I just watched this goal again. Eight times.