Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Humility of Newt Gingrich

I don't know how a guy who has nothing to say beyond "lower taxes, please" became the intellectual leader of the Republicans. Just because he has such a high opinion of himself does not mean everyone else must follow. Here is what he's quoted as saying in the New York Times:

"I think I'm closer to Benjamin Franklin than George Washington...I’m a contributor to my country and to my times. If it turns out that there’s a moment when it makes sense to run, then I’ll run.

Back in school, I used to play a bit of cricket. I think I was closer to Sachin Tendulkar than Imran Khan. See, I considered myself a great batsman (average of about 11 per innings) and if called on to lead, would do so. But I prefered just contributing to my team through my bat.


Ahsan said...

Charles Blow had an interesting piece on Rush Limbaugh, Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal as the leaders of the Republican Party. He called it Three Blind Mice:

bubs said...

I cant believe I'm doing this, but I'm sort of going to defend Bobby Jindal. His response to the SOTU was as horrible as everyone says its was but he is being criticized for his delivery and not his content. Any mainstream Republican could have given that speech. It's not that Jindal isn't an idiot - he obviously is - he's just no bigger an idiot than most other Republicans out there right now.

Anonymous said...

Bubs - you'r welcome to your opinion but gratuitous, unsubstantiated and uninformed comments only reflect on your own intellect such as it is. Firstly, Obama's was NOT a SOTU - it was joint session of Congress.
Secondly, labeling someone as an idiot big or small, takes no effort - reforming a state that was not too dissimilar to Pakistan in terms of endemic corruption, vested interests etc. requires a little more than flinging insults from a keyboard

bubs said...

Anon: Bobby Jindal is an idiot

I rest my case.

Of course, he is nowhere near the idiot Michael Steele is. Here is what he had to say to the NYT today

“I always found it interesting that people would cast aspersions on failure, as if it were a bad thing,”

And while Obama's address may not technically have been a SOTU, the media called it that or a non-SOTU SOTU