Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In The Midst Of Turmoil

And so it begins.

Lawyers and political activists from across the country are planning on leaving for Islamabad tomorrow. The government has made it clear that it will not allow this to happen and has not only sealed the capital but has also imposed Section 144 ( "Power to issue order absolute at once in urgent cases of nuisance or apprehended danger") in Punjab and Sindh thereby constituting all political congregations / protests unlawful. Moreover, political workers and leaders of the lawyers movement are being arrested throughout the country. However, now some reports are coming that police in some areas of Punjab are refusing to do so.

Meanwhile the government is treating us like complete idiots. This is what they've been saying (close approximation):-

Sherry: 'People's party believes in democracy and freedom of speech and will never take any steps that infringe upon these rights. But as a government our first duty is to protect citizens and maintain order and we have been forced by the provocative and traitorous actions of Nawaz Shariff.

Zardari: 'My promise isn't some Hadis which must be followed. Nawaz's actions in signing the agreement were political.'

Gilani: 'If I could end Governor Rule tomorrow I would but first Nawaz Shariff must stop his posturing' [read as: Zardari's screwed me over and now I'm fucked and have no izzat in Punjab but hey I got a Bentley out of the deal. It's so shiny!]

Noticing that the limelight's moving away from him, Sufi Mohd. has told a press conference that Qazi Courts will become full functional tomorrow - the day that lawyers launch their Long March. Talk about timing.

P.S. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Imran Khan but he is nowhere to be found.


Rabia said...

hmm what on earth is Gilani up to? Is he in the middle of making a deal with Kayani?

Xeb said...

Yet more episodes in the tragi-comic existence of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


Kalsoom said...

Arrest warrant for Aitzaz Ahsan too, and police raided his house but he's in hiding. He did talk to BBC World Radio over the phone today though.

Teeth Maestro is running a pretty nifty Live Chat with constant updates on the Long March:

Kalsoom said...

The worst is how the government keeps insisting that Section 144 has been imposed to ensure our own safety. Its imposition has created the opposite scenario.

Kalsoom said...

Sorry one last thing I find interesting - not only are the Qazi courts officially functioning tomorrow, but I read the agreement, and (maybe I'm reading it wrong) but the qazi courts extend to ALL of PATA, not just Malakand, which is what I originally thought. I wanted to write about that actually. It's very suspicious.

Anonymous said...

And yet again I find myself happy - cautiously happy though - I hope this sick little place called Pakistan crumbles and that it is dismantled - albeit in an orderly fashion - it is time to correct the mistakes of the last 1400 years - pray believers of Allah, why, oh why would you believe in these moronic tribal customs that the Arabs packaged as religion and brought with them in their murderous rampages across South Asia?
Hard to believe that the land of Gandhari and the Vedas and the amazing depth of the Upanishads is now a land of violence and distress - Darul Islam? Yeah sure but always at war. Good Luck with your Canadian and other European Visas and the boat loads of refugees that will be going to Europe, Africa and elsewhere in the years to come. Also don't forget to dismantle your bombs and please let the Indians take over your archeaological ruins - we promise you we appreciate our past - even our muslims do - we'll take good care of your lands.

Dude said...

Anonymous, go choke on some cow urine.

redkazim said...

Long live the lawyers' movement.
Musharraf kay baad ab teri baari/Go Zardari, go Zardari.

Tazeen said...

All is not lost in Gilani land.

Rumor has it that plans have been made to oust Zardari from the scene. Gilani is just playing for time till then.

Yawar said...

Imran Khan is pretty good at going underground. I'm a supporter but I think that he should now be called "Mole". How about that?

And Tazeen, I would respectfully disagree with you. Gilani cannot disagree with Zardari. I wish he could, I so wish that him and Rabbani would take the PPP back no to being BB's or ZAB's party but a party for the people. Now if Gilani does put some rogaine and wish that balls grow out of it, I would salute him for standing up to Zardari and his cronies.

dudelove said...

what an infantile sorry ass country. oh, and cow urine.. slurrrrp... mmm.. yummy!! want some?

Aurangzeb Shah Latif said...

Infantile country? What about India??? It is going to the moon and spending $1 billion in Afghanistan, but leads the world in malnutrition, poverty, and # of people who take a shit out in the open air (open defecation). You have the world's largest slum in Mumbai, a dozen plus insurgencies, and your defence budget is skyrocketing.

You Indians are delusional.

You have pockets of prosperity but on a per capita basis you are no better than some sub-Saharan African country.

Open your window and take a look at the underweight, dark skinned kid taking a shit outside your little mansion. He belongs to the same country as you, dick.

All of South Asia is a mess.

AKS said...

I love online fights. In fact, I think I'm going to go abuse Ishant Sharma on Youtube today.

Munna said...

Yo Aurangzeb! Thank you for highlighting the positives about India. Pity isn't it, minus these glowing references (moon trip, billions in grants to Afghanistan and the like)your post ends up describing Pakistan more accurately than it does India with worse to come. Have you ever thought why the @#$% Brits when they needed an epithet chose the word 'Paki' when they probably had the whole gamut of West Indian, Indian as well as Bangladeshi cultures to chose from. It figures, doesn't it?

dudelove said...

aurangzeb, with so much shit falling through your roof i guess it's natural to feel the world is a bad, bad place.

take a break, come over, we'll order some pork chops and a nice yellow drink to go with it. and you can watch the boy taking a dump outside my home. heck, what say we'll join him man. only we'd have to work out the wind direction before assuming the positions i guess.