Monday, March 02, 2009

Look Who's Talking

The best thing about the written word is that, under most circumstances, it doesn't go anywhere: it is constant, and remains in its original form and substance for future readers to examine and judge. Here is Condoleeza Rice -- then foreign affairs adviser to then candidate George W. Bush -- in the January 2000 issue of Foreign Affairs criticizing Bill Clinton's war in Kosovo:
If there is any lesson from history, it is that small powers with everything to lose are often more stubborn than big powers, for whom the conflict is merely one among many problems. The lesson, too, is that if it is worth fighting for, you had better be prepared to win. Also, there must be a political game plan that will permit the withdrawal of our forces -- something that is still completely absent in Kosovo.



Anonymous said...

um, ah...shouldn't this apply to your beloved land of the pure too?
After all you waged so much trouble with a bigger neighbor with no strategy to win those wars and then your search for strategic depth wiped out a people (though I give you that they are still barbarians like your beautiful people from the land of the pure and they perfectly deserve what they got)
Oh speaking of which -- having fun now that the beautiful keepers of the Islamic faith are out to put you behind the veil? (watch out come the Swatis...)

naqiya said...

i'm going to take a wild guess and say this "anon" is the same as commentor #49 in the last (newer) post. dude. dont you have anything new to say?