Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mid-Week Links

Even by Pakistani standards, the last has month has been quite intense politically. Let's forget about that for a moment and see what the rest of the world is up to.

A writer for the Atlantic Monthly describes a dining experience with Larry David. Apparently Larry David the person bears more than a passing resemblance to Larry David the character.

You've got to love the intellectual tenor of intra-Republican debate. John McCain's daughter Meghan criticized some right-wing personalities for their personal attacks on her father. Their reply, "Shut up, you fat bitch." (I paraphrase slightly). Meghan told them to "Kiss my fat ass."

Sometimes you can't help but laugh at another person's misfortune:

Hashmat Ali must have exhausted all options to persuade his father to get him married before reaching the Peshawar Press Club holding a banner Tuesday to publicly voice his grievance.

The banner carried an appeal by him in Urdu, complaining that his father Shahzad Gul despite being a wealthy man was refusing to arrange his marriage. “My younger brothers have got married even though they were jobless. I am the oldest and am employed but my father has yet to arrange me marriage,” read the appeal.

According to Hashmat Ali, he was a chowkidar at the girls’ hostel at the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar and was getting Rs5,000 monthly salary. The girls’ hostel apparently was the nursing hostel at the biggest public hospital in the NWFP. Imagine being a guard at a hostel full of young girls and still unable to find a wife.

A Cricinfo blogger makes a list of the worst bowlers in Test history. Anyone who followed cricket in the 90s will not be surprised to learn that Ian Salisbury (20 wickets at an average of 76.95) is the runaway victor.

What good could possibly come from placing a Christian fundamentalist and athiest pervert (I do not use the term perojatively) in the same room? Only the most hilarious interview you could hope to read.

Site recoomendation: Want to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip but feel like a loser for staring at pictures of Britney? Get updates on the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation and much more at What Would Tyler Durden Do? where the irony and snark will allow you to slum without losing your sense of superiority.

And finally, major props to the W (to borrow Ahsan's phrasing) for introducing me to Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. In the scene embedded below, obnoxious super hero Captain Hammer explains the origins of his moniker to arch-nemesis Dr Horrible.


Ahsan said...

I remember Ian Salisbury fondly. As does Saeed Anwar, I would imagine.

F-Machine said...

Please also note Mohammad Sami's position at number 4.. basically he's amongst the top 5 worst bowlers to have ever played test cricket

Ahsan said...

Sami has potential.

zeyd said...

Potential to move up the list?

Muna said...

Re Lofton vs Ginsberg: It really was the most hilarious interview I have ever read. Thank you

AKS said...

I actually really liked Sami. Fluid arm action, bowling at 150 km +, his long red streaked hair blowing in the wind, aggression that made the opposition quiver (or was it giggle?) - what's not to like?

And even if he did bowl a couple of short and wide balls each over ( andthe rest down leg), that doesn't make him a bad bowler, just 'misguided.'

Imran Khan always pressed for his inclusion, and he knows everything.

bubs said...

I'm actually very surprised that Ian Salisbury is the only England bowler from the 1990's to make the list. At least one from Martin McCauge, Dean Headley, Neal Mallender, Steve Watkin, Peter Such, Joey Benjamin, Mark Illot and Martin Bicknell should have been there.

Anonymous said...


My guess is that the only reason those guys didn't make it is because they didn't qualify for the minimum matches played criteria

New kid on the block said...

bubs you should know records before passing judgement on players. Headley took 60 wickets at an average of 27 approx in 15 tests. remember - know your onions as we say in England