Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Anonymous said...

It's difficult to feel neutral about the subject. Let us be clear, it is 'not' fair at all. It is nothing but blackmail.

Bonus pay is used by employers to recognize and reward employee contributions,and increase productivity. However, these Titans of failure don't deserve bonuses.AIG is in mess because of the bad decisions made by these people.Moreover,It is really stupid to think that if AIG lets the employees go, it may not survive and only these guys know how to defuse the crisis they have created.

As far as honoring contracts, many big corporations have “torn up” their contracts with employees on many fronts particularly health benefits.

The public opinion of Wall Street folks is already not very favorable. They are looked upon as a bunch of thugs. Stories like AIG only perpetuate this. It is only a matter of time that mobs of outraged people start protesting outside these people’s houses and offices.

Ethically, I think AIG should have modified the bonus structure in the light of current economic crisis. Though, no one knows the verbiage of the contracts, and the “bonus” may not be something extra' and part of their salary. However, everybody in US is hit by recession. AIG’s employees are not an exception. AIG’s executives cannot and must not be rewarded with bailout money.

Anonymous said...

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bubs said...

I love Congress' solution to the problem. Taxing bail-out bonuses at 90% should satisfy those who voted for either of the first two options.

JJY said...

From CNN:

The tax would need to be paid by any employee or former employee whose family income exceeds $250,000 ($125,000 for married recipients filing separately).

I'm sorry, but in banking/S&T, that's not taxing executives, that's taxing everyone over a Senior Associate/VP if they're single, and pretty much everyone who is married.

One can argue all day about how even banking analysts make too much, which is fine, because one is entitled to one's opinion, but at least call it like it is.

AKS said...

I thought there'd be more people voting for option C.

The 90% tax is brilliant, but only because of the way it fucks the Republicans.

I wonder if there's an allotted time during which the tax will be applicable. Surely that has to be the case? As soon as the job market improves a bit it will become exceedingly hard for the bailout companies to hire / retain quality employees.