Friday, April 03, 2009

End of the Federer Era

Some people thought Roger Federer would never be the best player in the world again after he was humiliated by Rafael Nadal in last year's French Open. But Nadal was clearly superior to him on clay, and he had to yet to win any grand slam apart from the French. A lot more thought that the loss of Federer's Wimbledon crown was the last straw. But I reasoned that the Wimbledon final, where Federer came back from two sets down, showed he had the fight in him to continue to be the best. This year's Australian Open, where Nadal won his first hard court grand slam, also didn't convince me. After all it was a five-set match, with the first four being very closely fought.

But tonight I've finally accepted that Federer will never be the best player in the world again and he may not even win another grand slam. After a routine first set win against Novak Djokovic, Federer played the worst two sets I have ever seen him play. All Novak had to do was put the ball in play and wait for Federer to make an error. He made over 35 unforced errors in the two sets. And then there was this. If you ever need a symbol of Federer's decline, more even than the waterworks after the Aussie Open final, this is it.

Roger must feel like Napoleon at Elba. But there will no triumphant return in France next month.


Ahsan said...

Given Sampras won a couple of slams into his 30s, there's no reason Federer can't do the same. He just needs to hope that someone else knocks out Nadal before he has to face him (a la the US open last year). Pound for pound, he's still the second best player in the world, so he just needs a break or two.

He also needs to get over himself and hire a fucking coach.

bubs said...

I would have agreed with all you have said a couple of weeks ago. But he played so unbelievably pathetically against Murray, Roddick and Novak that I no longer believe that to be the case. We have now reached a stage where all a top five player needs to do is wait for him to make an unforced error. And his body language is really negative. More than a coach, he needs a psychologist.

wishmeluckkk said...

this is it guys.

the federer era is over. i have respect for the guy and in my opinion he is the greatest of all time, but tennis doesn't seem to be his main focus anymore. maybe he needs a big break? mentally resurrect himself? hypnotize himself before he faces these chumps? idk. hes a great ambassador for the sport and he will always retain that title.