Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The French Will Protest Anything

Thanks to reader Asad for sending this picture along:

Most non-French speakers will be able to deduce the words on the banner, but for those who can't, it says: "Against the new version of Facebook". Yes, Facebook is the new ancien regime. Well played, Frenchies. Well played.

I have one question, and I mean this in all seriousness: don't they have anything better to do? Like, you know, their jobs? Or maybe logging on to Facebook?


Anonymous said...

Why are we so surprised that La grande nation just needs any reason to protest? For French, protesting is the same as let’s say intense heated discussions between Indians and Pakistanis. Why do French have the time for such meaningless protests? Well, the way, we have time for discussions on meaningless issues. The French love to protest in new ways as it is their way to have fun. Our idea of fun is also sort of same - engage in ridiculing each other.

Gene Gerzhoy said...

When you only work 35 hours a week, that's a lot of free time to go out a-protestin'! And if they take a lunch break or two to decry les réactionnaires, who is gonna complain, eh?

supe said...

i completely feel their pain. the new facebook UI is that shitty, i deactivated my facebook account because of it. (besides other things.)
high five to them!
i'm going holidaying in france in just under a fortnight and can't wait. must.get.protest. material.ready. blend in with the locals and stuff.

Sahar said...

the one day I roamed around Paris, I saw two protests:
1) Against the Tamil Tigers
2) Students demanding more money for their university