Thursday, April 23, 2009

Links For Thursday

Bloody hell, there's a bunch of links backed up. Settle back and prepare to procrastinate.

Hey, Pakistan's playing cricket again! And we actually won! Here's Osman's first line on our shaky run-chase:
It really didn't matter that Pakistan chased down their target tonight with all the assurance of a one-legged man roller-skating in quicksand with his hands tied behind his back.

I've subscribed to the feed for the series, but the games start at something like five in the morning for me, so I don't know why I bothered paying.

Speaking of cricket, what do you get when you combine Brian Lara and Barack Obama? My hero-worship sensors exploding due to overheating, that's what. (Courtesy Rishad)

Dear crazy right-wingers who're losing their shit because Obama shook Chavez's hand: settle down.

Here's some bad journalism on the seedy underbelly of Dubai (courtesy Sameer). And here's some worse journalism masquerading as a retort.

Glenn Greenwald, funny man.

Something about Indian socialist politicians and using donkeys as a mode of transportation (courtesy Nikhil). Make sure to read the last sentence.

Without endorsing all of the ideas encapsulated therein, this is a great piece from Mosharraf. If you're looking for some optimism, he'll give you some.

A couple of pieces on the recently released torture memos and the fallout. Here's one from Andrew Sullivan and here's one from Hilzoy.

A really chilling post from Juan Cole on some goings-on in the West Bank -- the putatively Palestinian bit of it.

Lindsey has a hilarious post on the things people say at the University of Chicago.

Speaking of higher education, Freakonomics tackles the causes of the astronomical rise in the cost of going to college in the U.S.

The Rethink Afghanistan people have released the third part of their documentary. Here's the trailer.

And finally, Pep Guardiola is bringing the hammer down on Barcelona, not allowing them to watch the Barcelona Open, where famous Real Madrid fan Rafa Nadal is the star attraction. It's amazing the extent to which the legacies of Ronaldinho and Deco have forced Pep to basically treat the team like schoolkids. No public appearances for 48 hours before any game? A bit draconian, no?


Omar said...

Great links, I'm surprised you didn't like Johann Hari's piece on Dubai, I thought it was really captivating.From what I've heard from people in Dubai, it's not too far from the truth either.

The whole thing read like a movie, it was extremely vivid and chilling, I guess maybe that's why you didn't think it was good journalism, but as a feature piece I thought it was fantastic work

Ahsan said...


I didn't like the piece because it veered into activism, instead of being journalism, and he tried a little too hard to be dramatic. Also, it was pretty badly written. Finally, I thought it wasn't as well researched as it could have been.

karachi khatmal said...

i'm with omar - the piece read really well, and again people say it's not too far from the truth.

moreover, i know it's dangerous territory and all, but journalism is better if it goes as a good read. reason being that we've long ago crossed the line where standards of objectivity held true. take the BBC's blasting of jeremy bowen on israel as an example - objective journalism is BS.

karachi khatmal said...

how have your links missed out on the biggest internet sensation in south asia these days?

someone in the Kolkata Knight Riders is writing an absolutely insane blog - very witty, and baring all the dirty details and secrets of the IPL. any one who has Shahrukh Khan as the Dildo in his blog definetely deserves the accolades.

moreover, it's fascinating to read a sportsman's perspective on how things really go down, rather than the bullshit spin you always get from everyone else...

Anonymous said...

If you're on Twitter you can follow the (unofficial) @FiveRupees account..

Anonymous said...

Hi Ahsan, Congratulations to you and the Pakistan cricket team. I just thought you may want to read this article ---'With Jobs Tight, M.B.A.s Head back for old careers'.

You will agree wholeheartedly with this comment that, "Perhaps the USA needs fewer MBAs looking for wealth as "investment" bankers, and more entrepreneurs willing to start businesses that will produce goods and services, and provide decent jobs".

Ahsan said...


Goddamn, that IPL blog is hilarious. I wish I understood all the references and nicknames though. Is there a handy guide of some sort to let me know who's who?

Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree with the criticism of the Dubai article, I thought it was spot on. Here's a pretty disturbing video out of the UAE as well


AKS said...

@ KK

Thank you so much for the IPL blog. Its amazing.

@ Ahsan

One of the comments on the following entry carries the player's name:

Ahsan said...


Yeah, I figured it out after a couple of posts. Sreesanth's nickname is the best.

If this dude gets found out, I predict an end-of-Godfather-I scene happening. That Modi fellow is no joke.