Friday, April 03, 2009

Lost Season Five: Episode 10

I spent most of this week's episode patting myself for my brilliant predictions. There's nothing quite as satisfying as correctly guessing the twists on this show. I just knew that Kate had left Aaron with Cassidy and Clementine. I was even more convinced that Jack would have to save Ben's life once again. Finding out you're not quite as smart as you think are can be quite deflating, but at least I can take comfort in knowing that Lost is as unpredictable as ever.

- First the twists. I think we had all assumed that Kate went back to the Island for Sawyer. But she is on a mission to bring back Claire, which is a great development. First this means that we are unlikely to get bogged in a Sayer-Juliet-Kate-Jack love mess. And it added some emotional weight to the show in the scene between Kate and Claire's mom.

- We can now attribute one more character defect to Jack Shepherd. We know he's arrogant, stubborn and close-minded (or at least he was). Who knew he was also a monster-creater? If he had just agreed to operate on Little Ben he would not have grown up to become the Big Ben currently lying in a hospital. But it would be unfair to place too much blame (or maybe any at all) on Jack. As the episode's title, referencing Daniel Faraday, says, "Whatever Happened, Happened". Since I criticized his acting so much last week, I should also acknowledge how brilliant Matthew Fox was this week, especially in his refusal to operate on Ben. I didn't buy Fox's process of conversion from skeptic to believer, but now that he's in this state of mind, with a diminished leadership role, he has been excellent. And when Juliet asked him why he was back on the Island, his reply, "I don't know yet," was perfect.

- What I find most interesting about Richard taking Little Ben, is that he's going to do whatever it is he's going to do to him at the Temple. This is the place where Rosseau's companions, for want of a better description, lost their minds. Did the same happen to Ben? And does that make him any less loathsome?

- Also keep in mind that Ben was a workman at Dharma when he gassed the place, about 15 years from now. Assuming Richard sends him to work undercover, how will his disappearance and absence be explained?

- The time-travel conversation between Hurley, acting as an audience surrogate, and Miles was hilarious. And it made some things clear. The Losties are at risk and can have their future's changed but no one else can. You know what else was hilarious? When Miles said, "You all can leave if you want. But I'll shoot you in the leg."

- Man, does Kate have a big mouth. She told both Cassidy and Claire's mom about the lie. If I had to guess I would have thought Jack the most likely to blab.

- All it took was a one-minute scene to show why Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn are hands down the best actors on this show. The glee on Locke's face when he said "Welcome to the land of the living" and Ben's utter shock and confusion made me laugh out loud and anticipate the next episode with barely contained excitement.

- Speaking of the next episode, the file I downloaded this week had a preview of next week's Lost. I'm not going to spoil anything, but I would be very surprised if it isn't the best episode of the season.


supe said...

bubs i'm going to have to agree with absolutely everything you've just summarised!

but, will go ahead and list my own thoughts anyway:

1) how much do i love the new jack? he has totally won me round.

2) i straight refused to believe claire had died for a long while and even after you guys highlighted keamy's rocket attack, i still had an inkling she may still be alive. and now, after this episode i feel i may have been right, unless of course big-mouth kate is going to try locating her body or something? but, i'm still hopeful!

3) kate and sawyer; never knew things were ever THAT deep between them, i thought sawyer was the dumped party? that man is one dark horse!

4) juliet and jack; juliet's so brazen a pevert, walking in on jack as he's showering!? tut tut!
you see the signs? she is totally ben's b-to-the-ee-atch: beeatch!

5) kalsoom and i were both hoping this episode was to be the one to alleviate some of the confusion with regards to time travel/fate/destiny-blahblah, but after hearing miles trying to explain it all to hurley - looks like its confusion all abound. cracking that mystery is a long way off yet.

miles' attempts were pretty funny though.

6) i hate cassidy-like characters, those damn know-it-alls! she was a real snidy bitch. now that ben managed to survive (the greaseball that he is): him and cassidy should totally get together and elope. they were obviously made for each other.

7) yes! locke! enough said. :)

by the way, i'm still convinced miles is head-dharma-man's son. in the opening episode of this season, we see the former with his infant son. meaning baby miles and adult miles are actually existing in the same place, time frame. isn't that interesting?

i wonder if miles will be able to recognise his father, and vice versa, depending on whether miles was estranged from his father or not. plus, i don't know if they've met yet.

supe said...

next episode: the return of the smoke monstahh!
yee hah!

you didn't need to tell me bubs, i found out by way of twitter. so there you have it people!

Kalsoom said...


How did you find out on Twitter? Must...follow...Lost.

There wasn't a lot to say after the episode except I wondered the same thing as you Bubs- when did Ben come back to Dharma?

The major thing I found a bit weird was the Juliet thing. Do you think Ben remembered Juliet and became obsessed with her because he had this memory of her as a child. In a past season's episode, when Juliet was questioning why Ben was so obsessed with her someone answered, "It's because you look so much like her."

I originally thought like her meant Ben's mother. But now I realize it was Juliet herself. Weird.

bubs said...

Supe: Smoke monster doesn't even begin to describe how awesome the next episode is going to be. Again I don't want to spoil anything but I haven't been this excited for an episode since the season started.

Kalsoon: Richard told Sawyer that Ben wouldn't remember what happened. I don't know if this applies only to Sayid shooting him or everything else too. But I always though "It's because you look so much like her" meant Annie, the girl Ben had a crush on when he first came to the Island.

supe said...

about ben recognising juliet:-
i think that '77 group photo the losties took with dharma and co. will (or has) play(ed) a huge part in lost somewhere.

roll on thursday night!