Friday, April 17, 2009

Lost Season Five: Episode 13

If I was a little disappointed by 'Some Like it Hoth', it is only because the episodes that preceded it have been so heavy with emotion and plot development, making this outing seem slight in comparison. And there won't be a new Lost episode for two more weeks. Still, there's a lot to be for just throwing Miles and Hurley into a Dharma mini van and letting them talk. At the very least you are guaranteed a lot of laughs, and 'Some Like it Hoth' scored in that regard.

- Major props to supe for calling out that Miles would be Dr Chang's son. In retrospect it seems quite obvious but she called it early.

- Given all the daddy issue's on Lost - Jack's father was an alcoholic, Sawyer's killed his wife, Kate killed her's, Locke's threw him out of a friggin window - Miles' non-relationship with his father doesn't seem all that big a deal. And I'm pretty surprised that it took a show as geeky as Lost five seasons to make the obvious Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader comparison.

- I'm convinced Dr Chang knows Miles is his son. He's obviously a smart guy and what are the odds of two Asian-Americans named Miles ending up on the Island?

- What exactly would Hurley change about The Empire Strikes Back? That movie is damn near perfect.

- How much attention do you have to pay on even a minor episode of Lost? If you thought it was odd that Miles asked Ben for $3.2 million last year to help him you finally found out why he chose that amount.

- Who were the guys that tried to convince Miles not to go to the Island for Widmore. One of them was on Ajira and we got another reference to "what lies in the shadow of the statue." Given Ben's interaction with the Ajira guys, I don't think they work for him and I wouldn't put it past Lost to introduce another damn stakeholder in the Island.

- I'm loving the new serene Jack but given LeFleur is about to get into a holy mess I expect him to take charge again and because the same domineering asshole.

- So many great Hurley and Miles one-liners:
"It'll help with global warming, which hasn't hapenned yet. Maybe we can prevent it."
"You're just jealous my power's better than yours."
"That douche is my dad"
"The ditch had a gun?"

- The guy Miles did his phony ghost-whispering to is on Breaking Bad, which may just be the best-acted show on television. You all should check it out.

- I loved the look on Mile's face when he found out his dad likes country music.

- Another reference to the numbers. This has been cropping up since the first season but I don't think we'll ever get a satisfactory explanation for their power.

- I now suspect that Widmore didn't fake the crash and bodies. When Miles talked to the dead guy with Naomi he said that the guy was killed when delivering the photos to Widmore. Ben must have had that guy killed since he showed the Losties the pictures in season four. But I wouldn't be surprised if some third party (the 'shadow of the statue' guys" were responsible for the fake plane.

- Now that Daniel's back (how did he leave? why have Dharma hired him? don't they recognize him as the guy who was with LaFleur), I think everything is going to fall in place. He'll know how to get everyone back into present time. All we need before that is for Sayid to rejoin them, Lapidus to be saved from the Ajira dudes and Desmond to find some reason to come back to the Island.


Razz said...

This season of LOST has been a breath of fresh air. And I agree with you that the latest episode was somewhat of a downer, but to see Dr. Chang back was something of a surprise. I thought he'd have more of a role in the everyday running of the island since he was the face of DHARMA for all those guys from the future but apparently they're queuing him up for something else.

And that Breaking Bad show is real good too. It's kinda hard to catch so many TV shows when you're in school and got so much work on your plate, but I have seen a couple of its episodes when they did the marathon run for the first season. The storyline and acting is fantastic.

supe said...

nice rounding up of the other characters' father issues bubs.

of course my prediction was an obvious one, it was that ever-cocked eyebrow - a dead-on giveaway.

but, you know, i was first to say it.

another obvious one, i'm going to blurt out quicker than you guys is:
ben is there to face off with the shaggier haired widmore. locke will obviously succeed in leading sun, ben into '77. and the focus of the finale will be on the end of the people of dharmaville.
there was something tragically sad about miles admiring his old man from afar quite obviously signals that this reunion will be a shortlived one.

also saywer's made his decision and lefleur's cover has been blown a bit too soon in my opinion, aah well, i really enjoyed every minute of it. and yup, we'll be seeing the return of asshole er, i mean arrogant jack.

talking of funny miles and hurley quotes, what did you think of sawyer's?

on kate:
jack: ''her heart was in the right place.''

sawyer: ''yeah, but where was her head?''

haha! exactly, what an airhead kate proved to be. all this, and over ben too!?

there were quite a lot of funny exchanges between hurley and miles, apart from the ones you've already mentioned:
hurley: ''dude, did you just... you know..? it stinks.''

miles: ''no, maybe it's your famous garlic mayo.''

yes, very 'mature' of me to remember that one out of all but can't help it, it was funny.

overall i really enjoyed this episode. my affixiation with miles kind of gradually built up over the episodes, i'm glad he was finally given some degree of significance.

also, those guys in the van: don't you just love it when new characters are thrown in? whoever that man was, he'll be back and hope he's not killed so swiftly a la abbadoon or ceasar.

there were a coupla of more things... can't remember now... but yeah, i liked this episode, a lot.

Kalsoom said...

Ahem, I also said Miles was Dr. Chang's son awhile ago. As Supe said above, it was kind of a dead giveaway.

"What lies in the shadow of the statue" is going to be the fundamental question here - and it was interesting that's what Ilana also said to Lapidus.

I wasn't crazy about this episode - while it was interesting to learn more about Miles's back story, I wanted to learn more about him - it basically jumped from him crying about his mom to him extorting people for money. Not enough character development.

My fave pair of characters is now tied between Ben & Locke and Hurley & Miles. Awesome.

bubs said...

Razz: The first season of Breaking Bad was excellent but the second has taken the show to a new level, and it may just be one of the greatest shows ever.

Supe: I'm still not sure if everyone will be in 1977 or present time. I've learned not to be too confident in my predictions.

With Abbadon, he had to be killed off because he's got a big role in Fringe so he couldn't give anough time to Lost.

Kalsoom: Don't forget Desmond and Penny.