Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

A blogger on Dawn complains about the avalanche of commercial/spam texts Pakistani cell-phone subscribers are subjected to:
For its convenience and revolutionary potential, I have always enjoyed texting. Lately, however, SMS messages have become the greatest irritant in my life. Two out of every five messages I receive are spam – a gibberish amalgam of symbols and text, an advertisement, a riddle, a prayer or instructions on how to pray, a plug for a television show, a homeopathic remedy, or a solicitation from a political party.

And this, my friends, is the comment of the week, maybe year:
Atleast you never got a text message early in the morning (jolting you out of your sleep) that said “A.A. Nazia” with the subject, “Call for love”.

I will admit that the first time I did call it but then then automated lady said that the number was not in use. Now I’m wiser.



lala pathan said...

lol...AHSAN..what did the W think about you calling that number or did you not tell her ? :)

supe said...

was about to rant away on this topic, but then read the above comment and couldn't stop laughing!

ibtefa. said...

Lately, everyone with a DunyaTV official number has been subjected to daily doses of sms from Hisb-e-Tehrir.
They keep telling us how many women are raped in West and how flogging women in public will actually hep protect them in the long run.
And ofcourse asking us where were the NGOs when 'Jamai-e-Hafsa ki masoom bachiyoon ko phosphorus say bhoona ja raha tha'