Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Tipping Point: Roger Federer and Billy Corgan Meltdown

A startling loss of form isn't enough for Roger Federer. He's decided to screw his dignity too.
Here's your question of the day.

Did Roger Federer become an embarrassment when he

a) Took his anger out on his racket in a loss to Djokovic two weeks ago

b) When the greatest hard-court player in the history of tennis declared:

Thank God the hardcourt season is over

c) Today, when he lost in straight sets to Stan Wawrinka at the Monte Carlo Masters and gave an almost Safin-esque press conference, in the course of which he manged to dis his greatest weapon ("It's normal for me to miss forehands") and took a veiled swipe at Djokovic when he said that he preferred losing to Wawrinka because it was "against a good guy."

d) When he decided appearing in this Gillette ad was a good idea. Be sure to check out the ironic tagline at the end.

And when did Smashing Pumkins singer Billy Corgan decide pride was not something he was particularly interested in any longer?

Was it

a) When he discovered why the Chicago Cubs had such a sucky season:

"If the Cubs did have a chance this last year that just passed, fuckin’ Eddie Vedder killed that shit dead. Last I checked Eddie ain’t living here, okay? Eddie ain’t living here to write a song about my fuckin’ team."

b) When he thought he should continue the Smashing Pumpkins without anyone else

c) When he opted to bastardize one of his best songs to promote a wrestling show


Asfandyar said...

Talking of Smashing Pumpkins, there's a band called Silversun Pickups who sound quite like Corgan and co. I remember Ahsan asking a while ago for bands that sounded like the Smashing Pumpkins, just thought I'd throw them out there.

AKS said...

Djokovic is a douche.

And all three of them look like idiots.

Anonymous said...

hmmm this sounds an awful lot like an story from 4/16/2009

tut tut, bubs! at least give them a shout-out in your post if you'r going to rewrite a story they already wrote!

sidrah said...

dunno what to make of federer for this season. his hard court comment says alot about where he is mentally right now. can only see further nadal domination in the clay court season. also, he just got married a few days ago and is expecting a baby in july- not the best of situations to help you focus on maintaining a world class tennis career, eh? snagging the french open? not a chance.

p.s. safin pressers aren't nearly as erratic and emotional as safin matches. he's actually quite self-depreciatory in pressers. the ones he bothers to show up in, at least :)

bubs said...

Anon 234: I'm a massive Smashing Pumpkins fan and have a Google alert for them, which is where I got this info from. My first link is to a NY mag story although it is not the one you have mentioned. If you even remotely follow the Smashing Pumpkins, all the stuff I have mentioned has been on dozens of blogs.

Sidrah: Safin has set a new record for meltdowns in his last couple of tournaments. Which is an entirely appropriate way to end his career. I should mention that Safin has been my favourite player for many years but I sincerely hope Federer doesn't follow his path.

Ahsan said...

Haha I thought Federer's hand-gun gesture was fantastic.

Bubs, video of the presser?

Asfand, that's some memory you've got there. I must have mentioned that about two years ago.

bubs said...

Ahsan: They kept showing it on Star Sports so I just wrote down my favourite bits. If I see it online anywhere I'll post it.

I'm not a huge fan of Indian movies but a friend of mine who saw it thought he looked like Arbaaz Khan. Gone are the days when he was compared to Fred Astaire.

sidrah said...

good to find a fellow safin fan. i have been coveting the boy for years and hope he will be able to perform something equal to the 2008 Wimbledon Miracle. he deserves to go out in style. his last match at Monte Carlo sorta has defined his run over the last few years: an utter lack of confidence. sigh.

i now focus my hope and affection for tsonga and cheat with the easy pleasure it is to be a nadal fan.

Ahsan said...

Bill Corgan has really jumped the shark. We're now hearing Smashing Pumpkins songs on Visa ads: