Saturday, May 02, 2009

Couple Have Sex On Queen's Lawn

I tried for about fifteen minutes to come up with a witty or clever heading for this post, but then I realized that nothing could be funnier than the cold truth. Please check out this story in the Guardian. This has to be the funniest part:
Another witness, Mark Robinson, 44, said the couple carried on until police intervened. He said: "The officers told them to stop and the sight of the uniforms seemed to snap them out of it. They were unsteady on their feet and the guy pulled his trousers up and helped the girl put hers back on.

"The Japanese tourists were comparing their videos."

I eagerly await the release of said videos on Youtube (I already searched for "queen's lawn sex video" and nothing of note turned up).

Anyway, for some reason, this story reminded me of this Mr. Bean bit:

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Kalsoom said...

Best Bean episode ever. Also always loved Mr. Bean goes to the Swimming Pool and when he goes to the restaurant.

Your post also reminded me of Fawlty Towers and amazing that show was!