Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I-Had-No-Idea-About-This Fact Of The Day

Did you guys know that the prostitute in "The Girlfriend Experience" is an adult-film actress?

I don't want to sound like an asshole or anything, but who knew those people could actually, you know, act? She did brilliantly in the film, which was by far the most psychologically and emotionally displacing film I've seen in a long time.


bubs said...

Sasha Grey also appeared in the Smashing Pumpkins video for Superchrist. And she also plays in a band that opened for the Pumpkins.

As for other porn actresses in mainstream movies, the only good one I can think of is Nina Hartley, who was brilliant in Boogie Nights.

Anam said...

Dude Sasha Grey is awesome. We interviewed her for blackbook and she was pretty funny. Also you should check out her interview on the tyra show..and her comments about it afterwards. Its really interesting to see what kind of impression theyre trying to portray in the talk show and how they actually succesfully do it. Also I was thinking..this whole porn star being in non-porn movies thing might just raise the bar when it comes to porn actresses and also the quality of porn produced.

Nabeel said...

Dude, screw your cinematic preferences ;)

Here you go :)


Jadev,india said...

Ya I totally did..knew..
I am a big fan of her..
but there was no meat in the story..pretty lame screenplay too..
Her frame looks like Kiera Knightly..
She looks more "Hollywoody" and "Classy" than regular actors with funny aliases..She looks as intimidating as Bridget Lahaie..(my another fav)

checkout her movies..

And in soon 2 b released Quintin Tarantino movie.. stars Tera Patrick.. in "Faster PussyCat! Kill! Kill!"

Indophile said...

She has acted in a whopping 161 adult movies. Considering the fact that there were no explicit scenes to talk about it was the brilliance of Soderbergh's casting. Well I guess if somebody can force Julia Roberts to act well then sky is the limit for him.

Ahsan said...


That assumes that the quality of porn actually depends on the quality of being able to act "real" scenes.


Now, when you say you are a "big fan of her", do you mean from her, uh, main career or her side career?



Anonymous said...

That's being really presumptious about "those people", isn't it? Not sure it's entirely fair.

I read somewhere that part of the reason why she was picked was because of her ability to be unattached in an intmate scence.


Jaydev,India said...

"her ability to be unattached in an intimate scene."
I dont think that is a big deal for any actress/acter..
Big fan of her "main career"..Porn!
I thought I was very clear about that...I even stuffed links to her "mainstream" movies..in my earlier post.. :-)