Saturday, May 02, 2009

Libel? Me?

If any of you read the free subway tabloids papers on the way home from work as I do, you've probably heard this bit of news. The revelation that France's First Lady Carla Bruni has a sex tape that was recently stolen has the masturbatory world reeling with anticipation masquerading as shock.

You have to love the British Press, with their nudge-nudge-wink-wink-pinch-pinch libelous level of innuendo which fools precisely no one. In the story I read, four little bits of information were set out.

  1. Bruni used to date an elderly philosopher before leaving him for his eldest son who is incidentally also a philosopher. This story is so French.
  2. The ex-wife of the elderly Actor dude hates Bruni for being a "husband stealer".
  3. The tapes were stored at the eldest son’s brother’s house, for safe keeping (and occasional viewing). More Frenchness.
  4. The thieves knew were the stuff was, nothing else was stolen. 'Neighbors' regard the theft as "suspicious" because "It's almost impossible to get into any of the flats here".

So yes. Draw your own conclusions.

For a similar example of how the British press like to say whatever they want without actually saying anything, and how that makes things appear even worse, please observe the following video.

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I am a shameless gossip blogger.

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Jadev,India said...

could be intelligence ppl..
cleaning up all the "stained skirts" left behind by First Lady.I don't know why western countries "need" Bruni material for masturbation. Don't they have enough already. Seems like Gandhi was right -earth don't have enough asses for men's libido..err greed..