Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Public Opinion Surveys On Pakistan

A couple of polls -- one by Gallup and one by the International Republican Institute -- have been released recently. These polls are always interesting reading, though the usual disclaimers about methodology should apply. That said, I strongly encourage you to go through both, and especially the IRI one because it measures medium-term trends (having polled Pakistanis regularly for about three years now), and is much more comprehensive.

A question for our tech-savvy readers. If I'm reading a PDF file (like the IRI report) and I want to comment on some part of it, and to do so I want to reproduce just one page of it as picture, how do I do so?


Anonymous said...

Print screen is your friend

Tan said...

So when do we hand over the keys of Pakistan to Nawaz Sharif to see if he has really changed?

sabaimtiaz said...

As anon said, print screen.
If you have the newest version of Adobe Reader, you can extract a page and save it as a picture.

Asfandyar said...

Fucking hell.

Page 25 hits you like a non-stick pan in the face wielded by a scorned woman.

sg said...

disclaimer: I'll assume for the purposes of what I'm going to say that the IRI survey is reliable.

all I have to say is... holy shit!!

it appears there is no "silent majority". the majority of the people do agree with the taliban. the majority of people do believe you shouldn't fight them.

hell, the majority of the people do believe that India attacked herself in Mumbai! and not the LeT. So that crazy loon on GeoTV is actually mainstream! he represents what the majority of the country thinks!

you guys are fucked.

Raza said...

Interesting. I've always maintained: all we need is economic development, everything else will fix itself.

"What is the most important issue facing Pakistan?"
top two:
Inflation: 46%!!!!
Unemployment: 22%!!

Also, only 5 fucking percent of people in Pakistan make more than Rs. 25,000 a month. That's pistachio nuts.

No one really cares about ideological divides and defining national identity. People want economic opportunity. Whoever can provide that in Pakistan, will strike political gold.

Greg said...

Scribd is also helpful as either a supplement or full option for PDF/Web use:

Ahsan said...

Anon905, Saba and Greg:

Thanks for your help.


Who the hell knows man. I think NS's best chance of breaking into power before the next elections was if Zardari kept up his intransigence on the judiciary. Once that happened, the wind sort of went out of NS's sails.


I'm with you on the India-blaming for Bombay, which is quite stupid and irrational. But on the Taliban question, don't know what you saw. I saw:

1. 74% saying religious extremism is a serious problem in Pakistan, the highest on record.

2. 69% saying the Taliban and al-Qaeda operating in Pakistan is a serious problem, again the highest on record.

3. The number supporting the war itself is less than 50%, yes, but (a) it's higher than it's ever been, and (b) the Gallup poll suggests that number is probably higher now than 2 months ago.


Yes, that's true, but of all the questions that are most likely susceptible to methodological problems, I think the Sharia question is easily the biggest. This is mere conjecture, but I think when a questioner asks about Sharia, the respondent doesn't want to be seen as "unislamic" and so they say they support Sharia, which means different things to different people.

One interesting contrast, after all, is the fact that religious parties have NEVER done well in Pakistan. If people truly wanted Sharia, wouldn't there be a difference on that end?

Anonymous said...

In Acrobat, go to "Document > Extract Pages".
Select the page(s) that you want to extract and click on "OK".

Jadev,India said...

I am using Adobe Reader 9.1.0 for Linux..latest I guess...
But dont have that "Extract" Pages option.

Wouldnt just putting pdf on fullscreen and
"print screen" suffice..
If u r using linux..then there is a app called pdfedit..that might do the trick too..

Jadev,India said...

"is the fact that religious parties have NEVER done well in Pakistan"

is not a plausible one..what about Nawaz Sharif?
His party is Pak Muslim League..In an declared Islamic country whose Army's motto is Jehadae Fisbillah..why the hell do u need an specialist Islamic party..(like an MMA)Methinks..that is like Shadow boxing..
I guess he(Sharif) is the most popular guy around nowadays..May be he just talks the talk..for electoral politics..or just baiting..
But he had past contacts with Osama bin Laden and he did personally authorised the Mumbai 1993 serial bomb blasts..(not Mumbai attack) some(pak sources) accounts..

Ahsan said...


The PML-N is a center right party to be sure, but it is hardly a religious party. And I agree that NS has some very iffy credentials on religious issues (from my perspective), but again, I was talking about avowedly religious parties who make stuff like Sharia the fundamental platform of their campaigns.

Anonymous said...

It is simple- No need to print nor look for adobe professional. Open the pdf page, hit the 'Print Screen' button on the keyboard, open Microsoft paint and paste from paint ,u can select the picture easily and use it wherever u want. select the picture and you copy paste it wherever u want

sg said...

Ahsan, you are right on those stats/poll questions and I should've moderated my comment with an acknowledgement of those numbers. In my opinion, a clear dichotomy arises when you look at poll questions related to general feelings on religious extremism vs actions against this extremism. A majority of people disagreed with the army taking action against the taliban, felt peace deals should be cut and a majority even agree that sharia should be applied to the whole country (major locations anyway) if the taliban want that. To me that sounds like a lot of sympathy for the Taliban and their goals. Or maybe it just reflects the people's yearning for peace at all costs?