Friday, May 08, 2009

Three Bizarre Stories

Here's three items that you will find quite strange. And no, none of them are from The Onion.

First, a man died but somehow continued to make money, and get a loan:
Mushtaq Elahi, a government school teacher, died on February 10, 2007 but continued to draw his salary Rs21,718 for a month and 20 days after his death, The News has learnt. Moreover, he managed to get a bank loan of Rs106,819 after he passed away.

These are the exact type of lending practices that led the American and global economies to tank. Haven't we learned our lessons?

Second, a man in Rawalpindi had his car stolen and went to report to it the police, but the sub-inspector was in no condition or mood to meet them. Why? Well...
Dr. Hafeez appeared before the RPO and complained that his car was stolen and he, along with SHO (Civil Lines), Rawalpindi, visited the Tariqabad Police Post for registration of an FIR, but ASI Khalid Mehmood (duty officer) was absent. On a query, the night ‘moharrir’ informed that he was on patrol. According to the complainant, the ASI was present in the premises of the Tariqabad Police Post in a drunken condition therefore he refused to meet them.

Third, Tauqir Zia thinks a career switch would serve Shoaib Akhtar well.
Former chairman Pakistan Cricket Board Taqir Zia said that ‘Rawalpindi Express’ Shoaib Akhtar should retire from cricket now and it would be better if he focus his attention on coaching of young players.

The thought of young players having Shoaib Akhtar in a position of responsibility above them makes me shudder. Is there any job out there for which Shoaib Akhtar is less suited to than coaching?


Majaz said...

Hard to believe we live in a world we call 'normal'.

Desi Lawyer said...

Good God.

Bubs said...

"Is there any job out there for which Shoaib Akhtar is less suited to than coaching?"

Playing cricket

bubs said...

Let me just saw that I am not the Bubs who left the above comment. Dude, find another name to comment.

Aliarqam said...

Well...It happens only in Pakistan

Rishad said...

"Is there any job out there for which Shoaib Akhtar is less suited to than coaching?"

He could star in anti-steroid commercials instead.

Ahsan said...

I see this has now become a challenge of sorts. Alright, here are my nominations:

1. English teacher
2. PR representative
3. Fitness guru

bonobashi said...

Shoaib Akhtar?

Captain of KKR.

Crumbs, hang on, he can't be worse than the present lot.

Sana said...

Image consultant
Career counselor
Yoga instructor
Kindergarten teacher

Gigi said...

@Ahsan- Many congratulations on getting the recognition. I am sure most of the readers of Five Rupees will be celebrating. Just read your article in Huffington Post and liked the line- how did we get here.I hope many more of you articles published. Post.

Keep up the good work.

Gigi said...

@ Ahsan- I have forwarded your email to Jackie Bennion,
Senior Interactive Producer of PBS/
FRONTLINE/World.She is making a documentary on Taliban situation in Buner. She is looking for someone who can give an expert opinion on Taliban situation.She will contact you soon. I hope you don't mind. Congratulations again.