Tuesday, May 05, 2009

YouTube of the Day

A lesbian sex scandal hits the Pakistan cricket team as PCB official Azra Parveez accuses two other officials, Shrin Javed and Ayesha Ashar of using sexual favours as the basis for team selection. Here is the accompanying ESPN story. My favourite bit:

A source close to Miandad, who is in Dubai, said the former captain had even refused to get involved in the matter as he was embarrassed by the points raised by Parveez in the audio tape.


Kalsoom said...

Oh my goodness!

I wonder if it's actually a "scandal", i.e. whether they're really making advances on other women or just the fact that these women are openly lesbians - such a taboo topic in our society.

On an interesting note, I interned with an NGO that provided legal and rehabilitative aid to women in Pakistani prisons (Adiala Jail) and I remember the NGO head telling me when we were at the jail one day that they had to separate the women into diff areas because some were "making advances" on the others.

Obviously this is a cricket team and not JAIL, but I thought it was an interesting side note.

Nabil said...

I'm side tracking..but Azra Parveen looks like Nawaz Sharif with long hair

Ahsan said...

Incidentally, sexual favors for team selection was Imran Farhat's preferred way of getting in the team.

There can be no other explanation.

bubs said...

Kamran Akmal's willingness to be gang banged by the selection committee would also make his continued presence in the team somewhat more understandable.

Ahsan said...


Don't hate. He had a good series against OZ in Doo-baai.

Yawar said...

WTF? If you told me that the (male) Pakistani cricket team was full of lesbians, I wouldn't think twice.

But this is shocking news...and downright funny!!!

Anonymous said...

omg question is how does this aunty jee know all this..obviously jealous tht shirin javaid didnt make any advances on her HAHAHA