Friday, June 05, 2009

Blog Recommendations, Reverse Recommendations, Five Rupees Architecture

Now, normally I like to plug blogs that few people know about, so that I feel cool recommending them (like an unknown rock band). That way, when they make it big, I can feel good about myself for finding them before you (again, like a rock band). Unfortunately, two of my recommendations are apparently quite well known, but I only just started reading them, somewhat inexplicably. So I guess this is kind of like recommending Pearl Jam six months after Ten came out.

The first recommendation is Chapati Mystery. The writer, coincidence of coincidences, also happens to be a Pakistani social science PhD student at the University of Chicago. And here I was thinking I had that market covered! Anyway, I found Manan's blog having read this article that was spread far and wide on the interwebs. Check him out.

The second recommendation is A Reluctant Mind maintained by regular reader Tazeen. She blogs from the heart, and has a really good mix of politics and random shit on her blog. So if you like reading us, you'll definitely like reading her.

The third recommendation is Copy Paste Material maintained by regular reader Karachi Khatmal. Now, I bear some blame for not giving KK a shout-out much earlier, since he's bloody hilarious (as people who read the comments on our blog can attest to). I've been reading him for a while, but for some reason, neglected to give the hat-tip. He's also less famous/popular/read than the two above (judging just by number of comments), so I feel good recommending him. Think of it as the equivalent of recommending Mother Love Bone.

All three will be added to the "Pakistan" section of the links you see on your right.

Moving on, cricket fans should check out SouLBW -- it's really good, though the color scheme might lead to a seizure or three. But it's T-20 world cup time, so odds are Pakistan's performances have already led to a seizure or three for you guys (seriously, this Rohit Sharma fellow is no joke...where the hell does India keep finding these batsmen?).

Ok, now for the reverse recommendation. Listen up, Farooq and Nikhil: Your monthly production since you began earlier this year has gone from 27 (in January, when you were clearly very excited) to 11 (in February, understandable since maybe the novelty wore off and it was a shorter month) to 3 (in March, completely inexcusable) to 1 (in April, and it was just a video too boot) to 0 (in May). I wish I had a joke for how I expect negative production from you in June, but I'll leave the funnies to Farooq. From my end, you are being removed from our "Friends" links over on the right -- I refuse to link to a blog that doesn't, for all intents and purposes, exist. See, now you know: it's not so easy to maintain a well-running blog, is it?

Ok, on to other stuff. For some readers who may not be aware, we have an RSS feed for this blog. You can subscribe here, so that you are notified when there's been an update. Also, for those on Twitter, Tan (one of our readers) very kindly set up a Twitter account for us, because we were too lazy and/or hate Twitter. Our Twitter feed doesn't have anything other than links to our posts, but it can also function as an RSS feed as you will be notified when there's been an update.

Also, feel free to consider this an open thread on the latest bomb blast in Pakistan (in a mosque no less, killing nearly 40 people). I'm fast getting to the point where I have nothing to say about these events anymore -- it's just too numbing. But that shouldn't stop you from commenting, if by any chance you have something to say.

On that depressing note, let me wish you a good weekend.


bubs said...

Here are some recommendations of my own:


Saba Imtiaz and Huma Imtiaz who, between them, cover just about everything that is worthwhile, funny or just plain silly in the Pakistani media.

Sepia Mutiny touches on all of South Asia and talks about obscure stuff I would never have thought needed coverage but obviously does.


Last of the Summer Whine is currently doing a hilarious Ashes Top Trumps. His 20-word Twenty20 recaps (which is all the format deserves) are also fun to read, especially today after the Netherlands kicked England's ass.

I'm quite disappointed at the quality of tennis blogs.The Dysfunctional Tennis Blog is one of the few good ones.


This is a bit late with the TV season having ended but Alan Sepinwall is still worth checking out at least once a week during the summers as he rewatches The Wire. TV fans could spend days browsing his archives.

Manan Ahmed said...

You are at U of C? Drop me an email, would love to meet up.

Ahsan said...

These Imtiaz sisters are quite good -- this Saba chick seems especially witty. We should set up some sort of reality show, where we give the two of them a variety of blogging tasks and then judge them to see which one is truly better. The loser would be banished from the internet, or at least be made to pay the other's Maxcom bill. We could even invite Donald Trump to referee the whole thing. It would be the blogosphere equivalent of every single Wimbledon final in the last 10 years, except actually entertaining.

Waisay, if the two sisters are reading this, I do have one serious question: why don't you have one consolidated blog? It just makes sense doesn't it?

That cricket blog is hilarious.


I will do so.

Huma said...

Thanks for the shout out Bubs. And I would so lose the competition. Saba has a swanky laptop and I have a prehistoric desktop. By the time I would get around to getting Firefox to open with a combination of prayers and curses, Saba would have moved on to the next task and I would have to beg Maxcom not to cut off our internet connection due to non-payment as am never paid on time.

I don't know why we don't have a consolidated blog. Saba started blogging a year before I did. And since we're twins and constantly have had to share things and fight over them, I suppose we would have SERIOUS issues sharing a blog. Maybe one day when we learn how to share..

Tazeen said...

Thanks Ahsan :)

Rabia said...

I second the recommendation for Tazeen and Karachi Khatmal, they're both brilliant.

karachi khatmal said...

*karachikhatmal doesn't know what makes him happier - the shoutout, the company of tazeen and chapati mystery, or the mother love bone comparison. goes with MLB*

sabaimtiaz said...

Thanks Bubs and Ahsan :)

JJY said...

give up on us already. go ahead. you be that guy.

you'll regret it soon enough.

5.30am...good times.

Jman said...

a brilliant blog about the little things in life...the writer has a really sarcastic way of looking at what happens to him/her

Philistine said...

Awww.. poor What A Stupidity boys :(

Although they get -10 points for posting the Benny Lava video YEARS after it went viral on the internet, I do feel for them... blogging DOES look a lot easier than it actually is :/